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Amber Attar
100% Natural and Pure Amber Attar

Amber Attar

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Amber Attar

Botanical Name:

Pinus Succinifera

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Botanical NamePinus Succinifera
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-Distillation method is used for extracting this attar from the sap of ancient conifer tree.
Part Of Plant Used

 Sap of the giant and matured conifer tree is used for extraction.

OriginThe origin place of this attar is India.

 It is used for treating depression, stress, nervousness and mental tension as well as it can also treat physical ailments like asthma, rheumatism and others.

Strength & Aromatic scent

 It consists of highly fascinating, lovely and sharp aroma.


 It comes in the clear to white color.

Blends Well With

 It can be blended perfectly with most of the essential oils.


 It should be avoided by the women during the pregnancy phase as well as by the nursing mothers.

  • Product Description

Amber attar(perfumery oil) is prepared through the Hydro-Distillation extraction process from the sap of ancient conifer tree. It is scientifically known as Pinus succinefera and having origin place in India. It has very sharp and alluring aroma and clear or white color. This attar is highly used for the purpose of getting mental peace by using aromatherapy techniques. It can provide amazing relief in problems like stress, mental fatigue and depression.
Its aroma has soothing and relaxing effect on mind and makes an outstanding balance between body and mind. The chemical compositions carried by this attar comprise of sabinene, limonene, careen, pinene and many more. Due to its fragrance, it is also used for the production of various exotic perfumes. This attar can also be used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products due to its non-toxic and non-irritant properties.

  • Uses

This attar(perfumery oil) is widely used for the purpose of reducing stress level and curbing the problem of depression. Its energizing and soothing aroma has immense capacity to implant positive thoughts in your mind and get you rid of the depressive, sad and lonely feelings. The stress and anxiety becomes the common problem in this competitive era and that’s why any natural solution like this attar that can help to cure such problems is a gift for people.

It is also used in the manufacturing of many perfumes and products required fragrance. Its appealing and attractive fragrance and skin friendly nature makes it useful for the production of cosmetic creams, lotions, etc. It is also effective in treating various health disorders like asthma, headache and rheumatism. 

  • Reviews

Helped me in depression
This wonderful amber attar has helped me to overcome my depression. I used it after having suggested by my friend and it amazingly cured my depression.

By Diana★★★★★

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