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Black Musk Attar
100% Natural and Pure Black Musk Attar

Black Musk Attar

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Black Musk Attar

Botanical Name:

Nardostachys jatamansi

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Botanical NameNardostachys jatamansi
Method of ExtractionThe method used for its extraction is Hydro-Distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Flowers of the black musk are used for the extraction of this attar.

OriginIndia is known to be the origin of this perfume oil.

This attar can be applied on the severe joints pains. Regular use of this oil will give instant effect in the pain.

Strength & Aromatic scent

This attar has a natural fragrance of black musk. It’s pleasant and not much piercing.


The color of this black musk attar is light yellow to brownish in shade.

Blends Well With

Sandalwood and agar woods are those oils with which this attar blends very well.


Since a way back, it is used for treating the joints pains and treats various skin related ailments.


Although, black musk attar is considered to be non toxic and non allergic but it should still be avoided by the ladies who are in the pregnancy phase. Even the nursing mothers and small children should use this attar only after seeking a proper medical guidance from a doctor.

  • Product Description

Black musk attar is extracted through the process of Hydro-distillation by the flowers of the black musk. The chemical composition of this perfume oil consists of marigold, heena, jasmine, agarwood, and other organic herbs. The different therapeutic and medicinal properties of this oil are pain relieving, analgesic, skin care, anti inflammatory, anti allergic and many others. It is famous for its exotic fragrance and is used in the perfumery industry at a wider scale.

  • Uses

Perfume industry: - Black musk attar is used as an active ingredient in the preparation of different perfumes. The fragrance is such that it is liked by number of people and people prefer using those perfumes only which have the fragrance of this attar. Both men and women can use this fragrance.
Pain reliever: - This attar works best in getting relief from the severe joints pains. Even the spa providers use this oil to massage the joints pains because the massage makes this oil penetrate well into the skin and give relief from the severe pain. You can use it without keeping any second doubts.
Skin care: - If you are suffering from any skin allergy or any other skin related problems then you can make use of this attar. This perfume oil is even used as an ingredient in the preparation of different skin care products. It makes the skin soft, supple, shinier and gives more glow which makes you look younger.

  • Reviews

One of the best attars
I have tried many other attars but I found that black musk attar is the most unique and fascinating one. I have made it a point that whenever, I will plan to buy any attar, I will order it from this site. They have a huge collection of different essential oils. Wow!! Superbly amazing!!

By Harry★★★★★

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