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Blue Lotus Attar
100% Natural and Pure Blue Lotus Attar

Blue Lotus Attar

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Blue Lotus Attar

Botanical Name:

Nymphaea caerulea

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Botanical NameNymphaea caerulea
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-Distillation method is used to extract this perfume oil.
Part Of Plant Used

Flowers of blue lotus are used for extraction.

OriginIt is originated in India.

It is widely used as exhilarating perfume due to its amazing fragrant and highly demanded in the perfume industry to formulate exotic perfumes. It can also be used in the vapor therapy and aromatherapy to provide effective relief to anxious and disturbed mental state.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having very sharp, pleasant and exciting floral fragrance.

Blends Well With

It blends well with Sandalwood essential oil.


Though, this attar is considered safe to use but pregnant women should avoid using it without having advised by an expert.

  • Product Description

The enthralling blue lotus attar is derived from the complex extraction process which is completely organic method of extraction. By using the Hydro-distillation method the absolutes are extracted from the fresh flowers of blue lotus and then these absolutes is diluted in the Indian sandalwood oil. The essence of blue lotus is still intact and the aroma of sandalwood oil is also added in it which makes this attar having different and unique fragrance. This fragrant oil has rich, floral, intense and amazing aroma which is highly enticing and alluring. Its aroma has magical capability to enhance the wellness of mind and body. It is widely used in the aromatherapy treatment and in the manufacturing of exotic perfumes.

  • Uses

Perfumery: This most enticing attar is highly used for the purpose of using its fragrance. Its aroma is so alluring and attractive that it is one of the highly demanding Indian perfume oil worldwide. It is broadly used as the base ingredient in the production of various exclusive perfumes.

Aromatherapy: In the aromatherapy treatment, therapists widely use this aromatic oil to provide relief to their patients who are suffering from stress, anxiety, absent mindedness, mental tiredness and many others.
Vapor therapy: This perfume oil can also be used by people at their home in the vapor therapy. You can put few drops of this attar in the hot water and inhale its vapor to stimulate your mind and invigorate your energy.

  • Reviews

Exquisite Fragrance
I was searching for a new fragrance to wear and then I found this perfume oil. Its aroma is really amazing to rejuvenate your mind and get you rid of mental tension and disturbing thoughts. Use it to invigorate your mind.

By Bianca★★★★★

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