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Cassia Essential Oil
100% Natural and Pure Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia Essential Oil

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Cassia Essential Oil

Botanical Name:

Cinnamomum Cassia

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Botanical NameCinnamomum Cassia
Method of ExtractionSteam distillation method is used to extract this oil.
Part Of Plant Used

Twigs and the leaves of the plant are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginIndia and china are known to be the origin of this oil.

You can use this oil to reduce headaches, muscle pains and other pains. You can also use it to treat depression and stress.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The aroma of this oil is spicy, warm and strong fragrance.


The color of cassia essential oil varies from reddish brown to yellow brown.

Blends Well With

It has a tendency to mix well with peru, nutmeg, chamomile, balsam and ginger oils.


Since its origin, it has been in use for different purposes. Gradually, it’s gaining more and more recognition in the different parts of the world.


Cassia essential oil can cause skin irritation so, ladies who are in the pregnancy phase and small children should completely avoid this oil. They are advised to seek proper medical advice before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Cassia essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the plant with the help of steam distillation method. The plant belongs to the lauraceae family. This oil is known to have different therapeutic and medicinal properties which includes anti emetic, anti microbial, carminative and many others.

  • Uses

Anti depression: - If you are suffering from depression then cassia essential oil is the best choice. This oil has got those properties which help in reducing the levels of stress, anxiety and tension. It will help in replacing the negative thoughts of your mind with the positive ones.
Anti diarrhea: - This oil is considered to contain anti diarrhea properties. It makes the digestive system strong and cures diarrhea in the least possible time. You can take this oil and get rid of diarrhea in the minimum possible time.
Pain reliever: - Cassia essential oil is regarded as one of the best essential oils in treating severe pains. People who suffer from joint pains can make use of this oil to get effective results. Even the pain which sometimes causes due to stretched or tight muscles can be treated with this oil.

  • Reviews

Cassia essential oil- works well against depression
Depression is like a curse and I say that from my personal experience. After having a severe accident, I went into depression because of the scars which I got after the accident. After consulting many doctors to overcome my depression, I came to know about cassia essential oil. I decided to use it and ordered it from this site. After its regular use, I found that this oil actually works like a magic. I could feel that my depression was reduced up to a much greater extent. Now, I am much better than before and feel very happy after using this oil.

By Gramy★★★★★

An Herbal Treatment for Arthritic Pain
Gone are the days when I was suffering from the arthritis pain. I really can’t believe that I have got rid of the problem. All credit goes to Cassia Essential Oil. It is really an amazing product which works magically to eradicate pain associated with arthritis. Initially, I was unable to get rid of this problem but when my friend advised me to use this Cassia Essential Oil, I hurriedly bought one. It was an awesome experience. Highly recommended!!!
By Daniel★★★★★

Cures Diarrhea Easily
I used this Cassia Essential Oil when I was suffering from diarrhea. As I was suggested by one of my best friends, I had faith that this oil would help me to tackle the problem effectively. Since I started using this oil for mild massage over my stomach, I get to experience its magical healing ability in minutes. Now, I recommend it to everybody dealing with the same problem.
By Matthew★★★★

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