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Frangipani Attar
100% Natural and Pure Frangipani Attar

Frangipani Attar

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Frangipani Attar

Botanical Name:


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Botanical NamePlumeria
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-distillation method is required to extract this attar.
Part Of Plant Used

The flowers of frangipani are used for extraction to get this perfume oil.

OriginIt has originated in Venezuela, Mexico and parts of Central America.

This attar is widely used in the aromatherapy due to its soothing and calming effect on mind. It is also used for the massage to get relieved from the rheumatism pain. Furthermore, it is used as base or fixative in the production of various perfumes.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having delicate, loving and appealing citrusy aroma.


The color of this attar is light yellow.

Blends Well With

It blends well with sandalwood essential oil.


Pregnant women should use this attar only after advised by an expert.

  • Product Description

This Frangipani attar which is widely famous for its citrusy and sensuous aroma is known for enhancing romantic environment. This enchanting perfume oil is obtained in the pure and natural form by using the Hydro-distillation extraction process from the freshly plucked flowers of frangipani plant. This fragrant plant is native to Mexico, Venezuela and Central America and botanically known as Plumeria. This yellow colored perfume oil has highly enchanting aroma which can invigorate your mind and make you completely stressed out while used with aromatherapy treatment. Due to therapeutic properties present in this oil, many of the health ailments can be treated effectively by using it. This can also be used in the massage therapy to get relief from pain.

  • Uses

Aromatherapy: Due to its highly refreshing aroma, this perfume oil is used for relaxing your mind and reducing mental troubles effectively through the aromatherapy techniques. Problems like stress, depression, anxiety can effectively be cured with this attar.

Massage Therapy: By getting massaged with this perfume oil, people suffering from pain due to rheumatism can get immense relief.
Perfumery: It is widely used for making of exotic perfumes which having different scent than regular one. It is also used in making of room fresheners and fragrant candles.
Cosmetic products and medicines: Due to its sensuous fragrance and medicinal properties, this perfume oil is widely used as an ingredient in the formulation of cosmetic products and various medicines.

  • Reviews

Revive my Mind
I always use this perfume oil to re-energize my mind whenever felt exhausted. It amazingly make me go calm and relaxed, and filled me with new energy.

By Alan★★★★★

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