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Nag Champa Attar
100% Natural and Pure Nag Champa Attar

Nag Champa Attar

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Nag Champa Attar

Botanical Name:

Michelia Champaka

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Botanical NameMichelia Champaka
Method of ExtractionHydro-distillation process
Part Of Plant Used

It is extracted from the flower of Nag Champa tree

OriginIt originates from India

This amazing attar of Nag champa is widely used in the making of perfumery products, scents, soaps, candles, etc due to its pleasant aroma.  It is also helpful in treating the various skin related problems like scars, wrinkles, stretch marks etc.  

Strength & Aromatic scent

It has sweet, floral and slightly heady aroma.


The color of this attar is Black n 

Blends Well With

 It mixes well with Sandalwood, Musk, Jasmine, Amber and Ylang-Ylang


Pregnant leady should consult the doctor before using this attar.

  • Product Description

The most popluar attar of Nag champa is extracted through the traditional method of Hydro-distillation process from the flower of nag chamba tree. It is originated from India and belongs to Magnoliaceae family. It has very sweet aroma and comes in black color. This attar is world for its wonderful therapeutic properties and widely used for medicinal purposes. It has a very exotic, sweet and floral fragrance therefore it is highly demanded by the perfume manufacturing industries. It is having a very effective quality which is useful in treating your depression problem and provide deep clam and relax. There are many people who use it for general fragrance in their home and offices.

  • Uses

Due to its wonderful therapeutic properties the pure attar of nag champa is very beneficial in treating the skin aliments such as wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc. It improves your dull skin and makes it look more shiny and glowing.


It has extremely sweet and exotic fragrance which make it becomes the first choice in the eye of perfume industry. It is widely used in making of scented candles, scents, soaps etc.


This attar has a very soothing and relaxing properties therefore it used in aromatherapy centers to treat various nervous related problems such as depression, stress, headache, anxiety and many more.


The nag champa is also used in religious purposes for prayers, special events etc.


  • Reviews

Wrinkle disappeared
When wrinkles appeared on my face at such early age, it horrified me a lot. Then after getting suggested by friend I used nag champa attar and to my surprise within few days of use my wrinkle completely disappeared.

By Marina★★★★★

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