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Osmanthus Attar
100% Natural and Pure Osmanthus Attar

Osmanthus Attar

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Osmanthus Attar

Botanical Name:

Osmanthus fragrans

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Botanical NameOsmanthus fragrans
Method of ExtractionThe traditional method of Hydro-distillation is used for extraction.
Part Of Plant Used

It is extracted from the Chinese flower

OriginThis exotic attar is native to china. At present it is cultivated in Himalayan region of India.

This mesmerizing attar is used as traditional herbal medicine from ancient time. Due to its pleasing aroma it is widely used by the perfume manufactures in the preparation of exclusive perfumes and scents.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having a very fresh metallic Nutty balsamic floral fragrance. 


It is a yellow thick viscous liquid.

Blends Well With

You can easily mix it with sandalwood oil and all other attars


Before using this attar, pregnant women should take the medicinal advice from an expert.

  • Product Description

The purest form of natural attar of Osmanthus offered by us is obtained through the traditional method of extraction. This traditional perfume is obtained through the Hydro-distillation process from the beautiful Chinese flower.  This flower is mainly originated from the place of China but now it is also cultivated in Himalayan region of India.  This tremendous attar is known for its Fresh Metallic Nutty Balsamic Floral aroma which creates its huge demand in perfume and aroma therapy industry.  This yellow color beneficial attar blends well with sandal wood oil and all other attars. It provides the very soothing and relaxing effects on the body which is helpful in releasing tension stress and results in a complete relaxed body and mind. 

  • Uses

Aroma therapists use this enchanting attar for the treatment of their patients who are troubling from the problem of mental stress through the techniques of aromatherapy. It can effectively eradicate the negative thoughts of mind and revitalizes your mind and body.  This attar is the best natural remedy to treat the many problems which are related to mind like stress, anxiety, annoyance, etc.  



The perfume manufactures prefer this wonderful attar as base for the preparation of various exotic and alluring perfumes and scents due to its pleasing and exotic fragrance. 


It has amazing therapeutic properties therefore it is used as a traditional herbal medicine and used as flavoring agent in tea and other confectionery.    


  • Reviews

Makes me feel relaxed
I am using Osmanthus attar for its pleasing aroma. Whenever, I feel stressed or depressed I like to use this attar, it makes me feel relaxed and stress out

By Campbell★★★★★

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