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Pink Lotus Attar
100% Natural and Pure Pink Lotus Attar

Pink Lotus Attar

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Pink Lotus Attar

Botanical Name:

Pink Lotus Attar

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Botanical NamePink Lotus Attar
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-distillation method is used to extract this attar from the flowers of pink lotus.
Part Of Plant Used

 Flower of pink colored lotus.

OriginIt is native to India.

 This perfume oil is known for being amazing stimulating agent for spiritual awakening and thus widely used in the prayer house and meditation centers. It is also used for making exclusive perfumes and in aromatherapy techniques to cure various mental problems.

Strength & Aromatic scent

 It consists of delicate, earthy and intense floral aroma.

Blends Well With

 This attar blends well with many of the essential oils like Sandalwood, agarwood, amberi, etc.


 It should be avoided by women during the pregnancy phase.

  • Product Description

The Pink Lotus Attar is prepared from the pure pink lotus flowers by using the traditional and organic Hydro-distillation extraction process. In Indian mythology, this flower is considered as very pious and said to be the flower of god. It is also known that Buddha has delivered one of his lectures just by giving the lotus flower to one of his disciple without saying a word. The bottom line is this flower is associated with meditation, spirituality and religious feelings. The lotus flowers are having three different colors of pink, blue and white with different flower plants. The pink lotus attar is derived from the pink lotus flowers.

This perfume oil is having very sensuous, delicate, stimulating and floral aroma which amazingly recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body. Due to this reason, it is widely used in the aromatherapy treatments to provide relief from stress, nervousness, anxiety and many other mental ailments. It is also used for manufacturing various perfumes and scented home use products. Its fragrance is known for triggering Crown Chakra and thus used for spirituality and meditation purpose.

  • Uses

Cosmetic Industry:  It has remarkable skin uplifting properties and due to which it is used extensively in making of various beauty and skin care products. It is used as an ingredient in making of skin creams, lotions, talcum powders, bathing soaps and many other products.

Perfumery: Due to its intense floral and refreshing aroma, this perfume oil is highly used in the making of various perfumes. Furthermore, it is also used in making of fragrance related products like incense sticks, room freshener, scented candles and others.
Meditation: This perfume oil can invoke your spiritual inclination and let you dive within your inner self. It helps you to concentrate your mind and achieve your meditation goal. This is widely used in the meditation center and holy places to help people in eradicating other thoughts and mediate properly.
Aromatherapy: With having revitalizing fragrance, it is used in the aromatherapy techniques to remove stress and anxiety from the mind and provide immense peace and calmness.


  • Reviews

Helps to Concentrate
I was highly disturbed and going through the bad phase of my life. I was not able to concentrate properly. Then I used this attar and it helped me to focus my mind over single thought at a time.

By Andrew★★★★★

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