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Rose Geranium Oil
100% Natural and Pure Rose Geranium Oil

Rose Geranium Oil

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Rose Geranium Oil

Botanical Name:

Pelargonium roseum

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Botanical NamePelargonium roseum
Method of ExtractionThe method used for the extraction of this oil is steam distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Stalks and leaves of the plant are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginSouth Africa is basically the native of this oil but Egypt, Madagascar, morocco and reunion also cultivate it.

Use this oil in case of severe depression, anxiety, stress and tension. You can also use it for increasing the urination frequency as it has got good diuretic properties.

Strength & Aromatic scent

This oil has scented and rosy fragrance.


Usually it is colorless but it can be a little greenish in color also. Its viscosity is very watery.

Blends Well With

Rose geranium oil has a tendency to blend well with carrot seed, clary sage, grapefruit, jasmine, basil, bergamot, orange, rosemary, lavender and lime oils.


After its origin, it got popular among the people of different parts of the world for its diuretic and anti depressant properties.


Rose geranium oil is considered to be non sensitizing but it should still be avoided by the pregnant ladies and small children.

  • Product Description

Rose geranium oil is extracted from the leaves and stalks of the plant with the help of steam distillation method. The plant actually belongs to the Geraniaceae family and is known to have various medicinal and therapeutic properties. Some of the properties of this oil are that of diuretic, deodorant, astringent, antiseptic, tonic, cytophylactic, haemostatic and many others. This oil works well in balancing nervous system and helps in stimulating adrenal cortex.

  • Uses

Astringent: - Rose geranium oil is used in making different dental products such as mouthwashes and toothpaste because it has got astringent properties. The products which are made using this oil help in firming the grip of teeth. It also supports in contracting the facial skin in turn, helps in decreasing wrinkles.
Anti depressant: - This oil helps a person in overcoming from depression as it has got calming and soothing effects on the human body. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, deep stress then you can make use of this oil and get instant relief from it.
Diuretic: - Rose geranium oil helps to improve the occurrence of urine. With frequent urination, one can get rid of excessive water in the body and if there is some kind of swelling, you can get relief from that also. It cal even help in reducing body fats, lowering the blood pressure and many other related problems can be cured.

  • Reviews

I got relief from depression
After suffering from the depression for many months, I got to know about rose geranium oil. I ordered it from this site and overcame my depression in no time. I owe to this site that made this oil available to me. It actually gave me much relief and in a way, I got a new life.

By Ricky★★★★★

It Reduced Swelling on My Ankle
Due to its anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory property, rose germanium oil has helped me a lot to treat my swelling on ankle. Once I had read somewhere for its ability to alleviate pain. It actually worked for me when I used this for massage. I would really recommend it to others. Value for money!
By Alexander★★★★★

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