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Rosewood Oil
100% Natural and Pure Rosewood Oil

Rosewood Oil

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Rosewood Oil

Botanical Name:

Aniba roseaodora

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Botanical NameAniba roseaodora
Method of ExtractionFor its extraction, steam distillation method is used.
Part Of Plant Used

Wood chippings of the tree are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginBrazil is basically known for the origin of this oil.

Use this oil to cure the sexual problems and regaining interest in sex in turn, making your sexual life happier than before.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The aroma of this oil is very sweet and mild in nature.


The color of rosewood oil is very light.

Blends Well With

It mixes very well with all the citrus oils and floral oils.


It is known for its extraordinary fragrance so; it’s been in use a as deodorant from past many years.


Although, studies consider rosewood oil to be non sensitizing, non toxic and non allergic but children and pregnant ladies are avoided not to use this oil. They are advised to seek proper medical guidance before using this oil for any serious health issues.

  • Product Description

Rosewood oil can be extracted from the wood chippings by making in use the steam distillation method. It is a Brazilian tree which is evergreen in nature and can grow up to 40m meters in height. It has got beautiful yellow flowers and its bark is reddish brown in color. This oil has got various therapeutic properties out of which antiseptic, anti depressant and analgesic are widely known to the people. It is considered to be non toxic in nature and is helpful in treating many health related problems.

  • Uses

Aphrodisiac: - You can utilize rosewood oil if you are suffering from sexual problems such as frigidity, lack of libido, impotency and many others. It will help you in stimulating the sexual desires and will make your married life very happy. It will regain your interest in love which you have lost due to stress and tension.
Deodorant: - Since, this oil has got a very mild and sweet pleasure; it is used as a natural deodorant. Many people use rosewood oil to get rid of bad body odor to get a rejuvenated and revitalizing feeling with its fresh fragrance.
Insecticide: - It is also considered to be a good insecticide which is helpful in killing the mosquitoes, fleas, ants and other organism. It is used in different room sprays, diffusers, vaporizers, floor wash etc. it actually helps in preventing diseases which are caused by these insects.

  • Reviews

Rosewood oil- boon for sexual life
I was gradually losing interest in my sexual life and the reason behind it was the ultimate stress and tension. I was not able to relax and calm down my mind but when I got to know about this oil, I decided to use it. I ordered it and used it. To mu utter surprise, this actually works like a magic. Wow!! It’s simply awesome!

By Andrew★★★★★

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