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Shamamatul Amber Attar
100% Natural and Pure Shamamatul Amber Attar

Shamamatul Amber Attar

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Shamamatul Amber Attar

Botanical Name:

Collection of 75 herbs

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Botanical NameCollection of 75 herbs
Method of ExtractionThis oil is extracted from the saffron, agarwood and other herbs and spices through the method of hydro distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Herbs and spices are used for extracting this oil.

OriginIt\'s India which is known for the origin of this oil. But today, there are many parts of the world where this oil has got great recognition.

People in cold temperatures apply it to keep tier body warm while aroma therapists use Shamamatul Amber Attar in their aroma therapy treatments.

Strength & Aromatic scent

This oil has got rich and earthy fragrance. 


The color of this oil is not very strong in appearance.

Blends Well With

It has a propensity to blend very well with sandalwood, musk, jasmine, amber and ylang ylang oils.


Its history goes back to India where Shamamatul Amber Attar was originated and people used it for various different purposes like cosmetics and in perfumes. But now with the globalization, this oil has become very important for the people in various other countries too especially in western countries.


One should consume this attar in anyways and it is to be used in dilution only. It is advised to consult a doctor if you are using it for any health purposes.

  • Product Description

Shamamatul Amber Attar is basically extracted from agarwood, saffron and various other spices and herbs by the process of hydro-distillation. The composition of this particular oil is Indian white sandalwood essential oil and the essence of clean baked earth. This oil has got earthy and rich smell so, it is used for the aromatherapy purposes. It is also used in the body massages to heal and soothe the body. It is known to have been originated in India.

  • Uses

Effective in cold seasons: - Shamamatul Amber Attar is believed to create the warming effects on the body so; many people use this oil in the cold seasons to shield themselves from the chilly breezes. In the western countries, it is very popular as most of the times, these areas have cold temperatures.
Perfume industry: - Since, Shamamatul Amber Attar has got a very pleasant and soothing fragrance, it is used in the preparation of various kinds of perfumes. Many people prefer using the perfume in which the fragrance of this oil is added.
Cosmetic industry: - This oil is believed to have positive effects on the skin so, it is used in different skin care formulations. It has skin care properties and has got different benefits on the skin.
Aroma therapies: - Shamamatul Amber Attar is used in the various aromatherapy treatments because it has earthy, calming and rich fragrance. The aroma and the healing effects of this oil give a piece of mind. Its application soothes the whole body and relives the stress up to a great extent.

  • Reviews

Helps in keeping the body warm
I use Shamama-Tul-Amber Attar in the cold temperatures. It keeps my body warm and protects me from the chilly weather outside.

By Ricky★★★★★

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