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Star Anise Oil
100% Natural and Pure Star Anise Oil

Star Anise Oil

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Star Anise Oil

Botanical Name:

Illicium verum

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Botanical NameIllicium verum
Method of ExtractionThe method used for the extraction is steam distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Fruits of the tree are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginThe origin of this oil is China.

One may use this oil in case of digestion related problems like flatulence, bloating etc. It will give an instant relief from the problem.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The fragrance of this oil is very spicy and warm.


The color of star anise oil is pale yellowish in color. 

Blends Well With

It has a tendency to blend perfectly mix well with lavender, rose, orange and all the other spice oils.


In the ancient times, people used the home remedies so; this oil was very famous in homes for curing the problem of indigestion.


Star anise oil should be actually avoided by the women during the pregnancy and infants are also advised not to use it. This oil can be used after the proper and absolute medical guidance of a doctor.

  • Product Description

Star anise oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation method from the fresh fruits. The star anise tree belongs to the magnolia family. The tree is basically evergreen and can grow up to a height of about 26 feet. Also, the tree bears very beautiful and attractive flowers with those lanceolate leaves. It has been seen that this oil is very useful treating different health related issue and has therapeutic properties such as digestive, carminative, diuretic, stimulant and many more.

  • Uses

Anti spasmodic: - Star anise oil is very helpful in treating the spasms. Spasms are basically the conditions when severe muscle contractions occur in the digestive, nervous or respiratory systems. It is very helpful in getting rid of the pains which is caused by the spasms. You can use this oil without any doubts.
Diuretic: - This oil is also considered to be diuretic which means that it increases the frequency of urination in the body. This way, all the toxins from the body are flushed out and some fats are also removed from the body. The diuretic property of star anise oil is important because it greatly helps in draining put the excess amount of water from the body.
Indigestion: - With the other uses, this oil also helps in curing the digestive system related problems. Digestion, flatulence, bloating etc, are common problems and they can be prevented or treated by using this particular oil. It will stimulate your digestive system and will help you in digesting food properly.

  • Reviews

Very nice oil
It is good oil. I can say that because I have myself used it when I was suffering from indigestion problem. Even this whole web store is like wow!! It gives you the best quality of products in the minimum possible time. One can surely go ahead and buy products from this store.

By Margaret★★★★★

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