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White Lotus Attar
100% Natural and Pure White Lotus Attar

White Lotus Attar

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White Lotus Attar

Botanical Name:

Nelumbo nucifera

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Botanical NameNelumbo nucifera
Method of ExtractionThe method used for the extraction is the Hydro-distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Flowers are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginTamilnadu, India is basically known as the origin of this attar oil.

This attar oil can be used to get relief from the mental stress and anxiety. To get the good results, one can use it on the regular basis.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The fragrance is very captivating and sweet.


The color of white lotus attar is very pale in nature.

Blends Well With

This attar oil has a tendency to mix well with other floral oils.


In the Hindu religion, white lotus symbolizes the goddess of wealth. It has a social significance on the religious ceremonies.


There is no problem in using white lotus attar but still, if women and children will seek a good advice from a doctor before using it for any serious health condition then it would be great. Even the nursing mothers should seek an advice.

  • Product Description

White lotus is basically extracted from the flowers of the plant through the process of Hydro-distillation. The chemical constituents of this particular oil include Polysaccharids, Saponin and many others. This perfumed oil has gained much popularity due to its amazing fragrance and so, is used in the perfumery industry at a very wider scale. Not just the attar but even the flower itself has its own importance as it is believed to be a sacred flower and is used in the various religious ceremonies.

  • Uses

Perfumery industry: - White lotus attar is widely used in the perfumery industry due to its exotic and extraordinary fragrance. It is used as an active ingredient in the preparation of many perfumes and these days, people have become a great fan of it. They prefer using those perfumes having the fragrance of this perfumed oil only.
Nervous system: - This attar oil has a propensity to calm down the nerves and bring a peace of mind. If you are suffering from the severe tension, stress or anxiety then you can utilize this white lotus attar to get the instant results. It creates a very soothing aura which in turn, helps your mind and soul in keeping stable and without ant tension.
Aphrodisiac: - If you are losing interest in the sexual life due to that over excessive work load then use this attar. It spreads a very romantic fragrance in the whole ambience making your mood romantic. It will surely stimulate those love feelings for your partner making your marital life happier and joyful.

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Awesome collection of oils
Seriously, I have never come across such an awesome. I mean, it is simply great. They have the collection of all the possible essential oils and the attars. Wow!! Super amazing!! I am very happy impressed.

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