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Attar Hina
100% Natural and Pure Attar Hina

Attar Hina

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Attar Hina

Botanical Name:

Lawsonia Inermis

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Botanical NameLawsonia Inermis
Method of ExtractionThis attar is extracted through the Hydro distillation extraction method from the heena flowers.
Part Of Plant Used

 Fresh Heena flowers are used for the extraction process.

OriginIt belongs to the Indian soil.

 Due to its soothing and calming nature, it is widely used for aromatherapy purpose to treat patients suffering from mental problems like stress, depression, insomnia and others. It is also used for improving the skin texture.


Strength & Aromatic scent

 This attar has lovely, warm and energizing fragrance.


 This attar is light yellow in color.

Blends Well With

 It mixes well with some of the essential oils which are Amber, Hina zafrani and Indian sandalwood oils.


 Though it is absolutely non-toxic in nature but pregnant women and nursing mother should get medical advice before using it.

  • Product Description

Hina attar is prepared from the fresh flowers of Heena plant by using the hydro distillation extraction process. It is scientifically known as Lawsonia Inermis and belongs to the Lythraceae family. Heena tree is native to India and this attar is also prepared in Indian subcontinent. The plenty of therapeutic properties that are carried by this attar consist of antiseptic, astringent, febrifuge, antispasmodic and some others. The base of sandalwood essential oil is used for preparing this perfume oil and hence it is having heena essential oil and sandalwood essential oil as its chemical constituents.

Hina keeps very religious value in Indian society. It is widely used for making body arts as a part of decorating brides and other females during marriage ceremonies. Its exotic and appealing fragrance used for treatment of various ailments like mental harassments, stress, depression and many others. It is also used for elevating skin health and works best as a natural hair dye. Various manufacturing industries like perfume, tobacco, cosmetic and others required its fragrance to provide unique flavor and aroma to their products.

  • Uses

Aromatherapy: It is widely used for the treatment of stressed and anxious person with the aromatherapy techniques. It shows calming and relaxing effect on mind and provides relief from restlessness. Depression and mental breakdown can also be treated effectively with this attar.

Perfumery: Due to its pleasant and enchanting fragrance, the perfume industry makes the best use of this attar by producing its perfumes. It is also used as the base for making various perfumes. Its fragrance has been demanded by both men and women equally. Incense making industry also use it to manufacture heena based incense stick.
Tobacco Industry: Owing to its appealing fragrance, it is also widely used by tobacco industry. Various tobacco products need different flavors and fragrances, and this attar is used for that purpose.
Cosmetic products: Its skin friendly properties make it an important ingredient of various skin care products. It can effectively enhance your skin tone and give it a supple texture.

  • Reviews

Wear its scent
I love the fragrance of Hina attar and that’s why I always wear it as perfume. Its scintillating aroma is highly enchanting and exotic, and makes me feel relaxed and positive.

By Olivia★★★★★

Got immense relief from stress
I have used hina attar in my aromatherapy treatment and it got me immense relief from my severe stress. Thanks to this attar, it has given me a new life.
By Emma★★★★★

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