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Gulab Attar (Rose Attar)
100% Natural and Pure Gulab Attar (Rose Attar)

Gulab Attar (Rose Attar)

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Gulab Attar (Rose Attar)

Botanical Name:

Rosa Damascena

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Botanical NameRosa Damascena
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-distillation method is used to extract this attar from the rose flowers.
Part Of Plant Used

 Flowers of Rose plant.

OriginIt is native to India and Bulgaria.

 The Gulab attar (Rose oil) is broadly used in aromatherapy techniques to treat the problems like stress, anxiety, mental tension and depression. Moreover, it is also used in manufacturing of skin care products due to its skin friendly properties.

Strength & Aromatic scent

 It is having warm, lovely and floral aroma.


 The color of this attar is orange to reddish yellow.

Blends Well With

 Gulab attar (Rose oil) blends well with Vanilla, Geranium, Chamomile, Patchouli and Ylang-ylang essential oils


 Avoid using it directly to your eyes.

  • Product Description

 The Gulab attar (Rose oil) is prepared by using the complex Hydro-distillation process from the fresh petals of rose flowers. In order to obtain little amount of gulab attar (Rose oil), large quantity of petals of rose flower is required to be extracted through the traditional means which makes it very costly. It is scientifically known as Rosa Damascena and is found to be originated in India and Bulgaria. Due to its unique and highly sensuous fragrance, this attar is one of the most sought after perfume oils since ancient times.

Often, Indian people used to sprinkle this beautiful scented attar over the guests while welcoming them and also used for distributing between friends and relative during any holy festivals. Furthermore, its outstanding healing properties is responsible for its broad use in the aromatherapy treatment for the ailments like mental fatigue, tiredness, stress, annoyance, depression and other such problems. Perfume industry and cosmetic industry are where this attar is mostly used for manufacturing various scented products.

  • Uses

Its soothing and calming effect on mind has made it very useful for aromatherapy treatments. People suffering from stressful, anxious, restless, and exhausted mental state can get great benefits from using this attar through the aromatherapy techniques.

The problem of depression can also be treated effectively with this perfume oil. It can lift up your depressed mental state and get you the feeling of happiness and joy.
Due to its appealing and fascinating fragrance, the perfume industry highly uses this attar as the base in the production of different perfumes. It is also used broadly in the manufacturing of incense sticks and other such products that required fragrance.
This attar is known to be beneficial for the skin health and thus it is used by cosmetic industry to manufacture many of skin creams, lotions, face packs and many other such products.

  • Reviews

Amazing perfume
I have used many of the perfume oils for fragrance but rose attar can’t be compared with any other. Its fragrance is so sensuous that it let me forget all the stressful thought s and provide me relaxed state of mind.

By Katie★★★★★

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