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Croton oil
100% Natural and Pure Croton oil

Croton oil

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Croton oil

Botanical Name:

Croton Tiglium Linn

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Botanical NameCroton Tiglium Linn
Method of ExtractionCold pressed method.
Part Of Plant Used



It has wide preferred in the medicinal industry.

Strength & Aromatic scent

Pungent and Unpleasant odor.


Yellow to Light Brown Color Liquid. 

Blends Well With

Patchouli, Tea-Tree, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils.


Croton oil was first used by Ancient Chinese as a medicine. In the late 16th century, merchants brought this oil to Europe from the east. 


Pregnant women and nursing mothers should seek proper medical consultation from an expert before using this oil. 

  • Product Description

Our premium grade Croton oil is extracted from the seeds of Croton tiglium by using cold pressed method. It is commonly known as oleum tiglii. Croton tiglium is a small tree of Euphorbiaceae family and is native to India and Malay Archipelago. Since ancient times, croton oil is used as an active ingredient in some liniments. It can be used externally to treat irritation and swelling. 

  • Uses

Constipation: This oil works effectively in treating constipation. It has tendency to cause violent bowel movements of watery stools within 1 to 2 hours. 

Facial Peels: It is used as an active ingredient in phenol-based facial peels. Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists and other practitioners vary the amount of croton oil in the treatment of particular area like neck or around the eyes. In Malaysia, people use this oil in soaps and lamps. 

Other Uses: It is widely used to treat burning and redness caused by skin lesions.


  • Reviews

Croton oil treats constipation problem
After suffering from the problem of constipation for many days, somebody suggested me to use croton oil and I used it. To my utter happiness, this oil decreased the problem of constipation to much extent.

By Mutiny★★★★★

Awesome oil for constipation
After suffering from constipation for many days, I started looking for an effective essential oil which could treat my constipation problem. Then, one of my friends suggested me to use this oil. I must say, this essential oil works great and brings positive results in the minimum possible time.
By Henry★★★★★

Provides relief from inflammations
My children often get injuries while playing outside. For the major injuries, I go to the doctor but for the minor injuries like swelling, redness, burning, etc. I only use croton oil. When I myself tried it for the first time, the results were amazing. Since then, I have been using this oil for getting instant relief from such injuries which are mentioned above. And yes, Pure Aroma Oils is the only brand that I prefer.
By Emma★★★★

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