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Calamus oil
100% Natural and Pure Calamus oil

Calamus oil

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Calamus oil

Botanical Name:

Acorus Calamus

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Botanical NameAcorus Calamus
Method of ExtractionThe method used for extracting it is the steam distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Unpeeled dehydrated root or the clean roots of the plant for the extraction.

OriginIt is native to India but it is now found in Europe, northern Asia Minor, China, southern Siberia, Sri Lanka and various other parts too.

Few drops of calamus oil can be used in bathing water to get relax and calmness. It also stimulates uterus and women use this oil to regulate their menstrual cycles.

Strength & Aromatic scent

This oil has got a very warm, spice and an odor of a sweet forest.


This oil has a thick, pale and a yellow liquid.

Blends Well With

It has a tendency to blend very well with cananga, labdanum, amyris, oregano, cedar wood, patchouli and cinnamon oils.


Calamus oil is basically a native of India and in the northern United States; it is often confused with the diploid Acorus americanus.


It is suggested that this oil should be totally avoided for the aromatherapy purposes.

  • Product Description

Calamus oil is basically extracted from the Acorus calamus var. angustatus which relates to the family of Araceae. This medicinal herb usually grows near the watery area, small ponds and lakes too. This oil is believed to have antibiotic, circulatory, antispasmodic, anti rheumatic, cephalic and various other properties which are very beneficial to maintain a perfect health. Even the problem of flatulence, dyspepsia, indigestion can be cured by using this oil.

  • Uses

Cephalic:Since this oil has refreshing effects on the brain, it can prove to be very effective in treating the neurotic disorders. Using this oil can replace the negative thoughts with the positive ones. But, it should be kept in mind that this oil should be used in very light doses otherwise it can have devastating effects on your brain.

Memory Boosting: For the people who are undergoing the treatment of memory loss due to the factors of trauma, ageing or any other reason can improve their condition with the use of calamus oil. Not just this, it will also help in repairing the damages which are done to neurons and brain tissues.

Tranquilizing effects: This oil works as a great tranquilizer. When taken in a low dose, it can help in getting a calm sleep. Those who are suffering from insomnia or the problem of sleeplessness can use this oil and get instant relief.

Stimulant: Calamus oil has a tendency to stimulate the neurons and helps in attaining the steadiness and alertness of mind. It also helps in stimulating the discharges like those of hormones and different functions that goes inside our body.
Antibiotic: It does not let any biotic growth and infection (both internal and external) to develop as it has antibiotic properties in it.

  • Reviews

A great tranquilizer
I must say that calamus oil is very soothing and calm. I did not use to have a good sleep and got severe headache due to this sleeplessness. But after the use of this oil, I am able to have to good and a sound sleep.

By Martin★★★★★

Suffering From Rheumatism? Try Calamus Oil
If you are suffering from rheumatism then I would like to suggest you to use Calamus Oil. Why I am saying so because I have experienced the magical effects of this oil over my knee joints. It works magnificently to ease pains and inflammation associated with rheumatism and other allied problems. I have acquired the benefits from this oil and I want everyone to experience the same. Highly recommended oil!!!
By Susan★★★★★

The Best Memory Booster
Being a student, it was really hard to experience the problem of memory loss in me. I just wanted to use a natural remedy to get rid of the problem. When my mother had got this Calamus oil from Pure Aroma Oils, I actually got positive results very soon. This oil has helped to boost my memory and now I can surely clear the exams. Thanks to Calamus Oil!!
By Samantha★★★★

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