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Bakul Attar
100% Natural and Pure Bakul Attar

Bakul Attar

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Bakul Attar

Botanical Name:

Mimusops Elengi

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Botanical NameMimusops Elengi
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-Distillation method is used to extract this oil.
Part Of Plant Used

The flowers of bakula plant are used to get extracted to produce this perfume oil.

OriginIt has originated in India.

This perfume oil is highly fragrant and thus widely used in the perfumery to produce very exotic perfumes. Because it is extracted from the sacred flower, it is also used for religious purposes and traditional ceremonies to offer prayers to god and seek blessings.

Strength & Aromatic scent

This attar carries highly rejuvenating, intense and floral aroma.


It is having creamy white color.

Blends Well With

It blends well with Sandalwood essential oil.


Pregnant women must take medical advice before putting it on use for their body or mind.

  • Product Description

This amazing Bakul attar is obtained by extracting bakula flowers through the hydro-distillation process. Extraction of this attar by using this traditional method ensures the purity and natural essence of the flower is intact. This flower tree is considered as the sacred and used for offering to god. The coastal environment is required to grow this beautiful flower tree and that’s why it is widely found in the western Indian coast. Its extracted pure attar is among the few of the highly fragrant perfume oils. Its enriching and intoxicating aroma just rejuvenate your mind as it enters in your nostrils. The fragrance of this oil is exceptionally durable and that’s why it becomes the symbol of long lasting love and total devotion. Due to its amazing medicinal quality, it is broadly used in the aromatherapy treatment and as an ingredient in many cosmetic products. Perfumery sector also uses it in the large scale to produce highly exotic perfumes.

  • Uses

Perfume Industry: Due to its delicate and floral aroma, it is largely used in the perfume manufacturing process as a base or just as a flavoring agent. The perfumes produced using this perfume oil are highly exotic and having high coast relative to others.

Aromatherapy: Aroma Therapist found this perfume oil highly useful for the effective treatment of day to day stress, anxiety and mental harassment. Its aroma is highly rejuvenating and enticing to recharge your body and mind.
Religious Use: This Perfume oil is considered pious and used by religious people to offer prayer by offering this fragrant oil to god and get their blessings. This oil is also used in the traditional ceremonies and other sacred works.

  • Reviews

Enriching Perfume
Since when I stumbled upon this amazing perfume oil, I used to wear its fragrance whenever I required somewhat different and classy perfume than regular one. Use this perfume oil and I am sure you’ll be going to like it.

By Lucy★★★★★

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