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Agarwood Attar
100% Natural and Pure Agarwood Attar

Agarwood Attar

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Agarwood Attar

Botanical Name:

Aquilaria Malaccensis

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Botanical NameAquilaria Malaccensis
Method of ExtractionIt is extracted through the Hydro-Distillation method.
Part Of Plant Used

Wood of Agarwood plant is used for extraction.

OriginIt is said to be originated from various countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

This attar is used widely for the aromatherapy treatment, as an ingredient in various perfumes and in the formulation of various medicines. However, this perfume oil is relatively costly but still used widely due to its amazing body and mind rejuvenating properties.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The attar possesses sharp, woody, spicy and balsamic aroma.


It is having dark brown color.

Blends Well With

This perfume oil blends well with Sandalwood, Carnation and Geranium essential oils.


Though it is safe to use externally but pregnant women and nursing mother should seek medical advice before using it. 

  • Product Description

This highly appealing agarwood attar is obtained through the Hydro-Distillation process from the woods of an old agarwood tree which having resin formed in it. This attar is very costly in comparison to other attars because the availability of resin formed agarwood tree is very rare. This attar is also referred as Agarwood, Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Oudh and few of the other names which vary with the places. It is having deep, earthy, musky and strong fragrance which has amazing capability to lift up your mood and help you to refresh your mind. By using aromatherapy techniques, you can easily get relief from many of mind related problems such as stress, mental disturbance, exhaustion, anxiety and others which occur in your daily life due to the competitive age we are living in. It can bring feeling of joy and happiness to your mind and effectively reduce depression.

  • Uses

The pleasing aroma of Agarwood is highly effective in soothing and calming your body and mind. That’s why it is widely used in the aromatherapy treatment to eradicate many health troubles. The problems like stress, anxiety, mental exhaustion can be effectively cured with this perfume oil.


It is majorly demanded in the perfume industry to produce many of the exotic perfumes. It is used as the base or the fragrant agent for the formulation of different perfume base products such as incense, scented candles, room fresheners and others.


Furthermore, this attar is highly used for the meditation purposes. Since ancient times, it is widely used for garnering mental calmness to promote the feeling of devotion at various religious places. Its aroma has effectual property to remove all the disturbing thoughts from your mind and thus help to attain enlightenment.


  • Reviews

Relief from Depression
This agarwood perfume oil is really an outstanding cure for depressed feelings. I got immense relief from my sad and sorrowful thoughts which always run in my mind when I lost my job.

By Tom Lee★★★★★

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