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Chameli Attar
100% Natural and Pure Chameli Attar

Chameli Attar

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Chameli Attar

Botanical Name:

Jasmine Grandilfflorum

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Botanical NameJasmine Grandilfflorum
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-distillation method is used to extract this attar from the flowers of Jasmine Grandilfflorum.
Part Of Plant Used

 Flowers of Jasmine Grandilfflorum plant

OriginIt is found to be originated in India.

This outstanding attar is exclusively used in the perfume industry and also in aromatherapy treatment due to its highly refreshing and rejuvenating fragrance. It is also used for medicinal purposes to cure health ailments.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having lovely, delicate floral aroma.

Blends Well With

It blends well with sandalwood and some other essential oils.


Pregnant women should take the advice of an expert before using this attar.

  • Product Description

Chameli attar is prepared by using the Hydro-distillation extraction process from the flowers of Royal Jasmine. It is scientifically known as Jasminum grandiflorum and belongs to the Oleaceae family. This plant can grow up to the height of approx 13 feet and having fragrant white flowers. It is also known as the Spanish jasmine, Catalonian jasmine and some other names at different places. It is native to India and later spread to various places in the world. Indian women widely use this flower for adorning their hair. The attar derived from this flower was widely used by the Mughal emperors and other kings and princes of that time. Its masculine, sensuous and refreshing fragrance attracts male or female to their opposite sex and thus works amazingly as a strong aphrodisiac.

Its aroma has amazing effect on mind which is able to sooths and calms your nerves and provides you immense relief from stress and anxiety. That’s why it is one of the most used fragrance oil for aromatherapy treatment. Furthermore, it is also extensively used for making perfumes and various cosmetic products.

  • Uses

Skin care: It has amazing capabilities to improve skin texture naturally. It will enhance the skin health and make it soft and smooth as well as provide natural glow. Due to its skin caring nature, it is widely used to produce cosmetic products especially skin care creams, lotions, talcum powders, bathing soaps and many more.

Aromatherapy and Perfume Industry: Due to its delicate, sensuous, refreshing and soothing fragrance, it is used for manufacturing perfumes and related products as well as used in aromatherapy treatment to alleviate stressful mental conditions. It can reduce mental exhaustion and recharge your mind and body.

Aphrodisiac: It is also used as an effective aphrodisiac and cure loss of sexual interest and many of other troubles associated with sexual health. Its sensuous aroma can enhance your libido and stimulate your mind for love making.


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