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Hina Attar
100% Natural and Pure Hina Attar

Hina Attar

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Hina Attar

Botanical Name:

Lawsonia Inermis

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Botanical NameLawsonia Inermis
Method of ExtractionBy using the Hydro distillation method, the Hina attar is extracted from the flowers of Heena tree.
Part Of Plant Used

 Flowers of Heena tree

OriginIt is native to India.

 There is wide application of this amazing attar. It is highly beneficial for enhancing skin health and thus broadly used as an ingredient for producing various skin care products. The scintillating aroma of this attar can play an effective role in treating mental stress, depression and insomnia.

Strength & Aromatic scent

 It is having spicy, lovely and floral aroma.


 The color of this attar is pale yellow.

Blends Well With

 It blends well with Indian sandalwood, Amber and Hina zafrani essential oils.


 The use of this attar should be avoided by ladies in pregnancy phase as well as by nursing mother without having advised by an expert. 

  • Product Description

 The Hina attar(perfumery oil) is obtained by the hydro distillation extraction method from the flowers of Hina plant. It gets extracted through the completely organic process and hence the derived attar is filled with natural essence of Hina flower. It is botanically known as Lawsonia Inermis and comes from the Lythraceae family. This attar is originated and manufactured in India and distributed all over the world due to its tempting and refreshing fragrance. Enriched with plenty of therapeutic properties, it can be used for healing various ailments. It has amazing skin nourishing properties which makes it an important constituent of various skin care products.

Its aroma is capable in enhancing mental alertness and also gets you immense relief from stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it can treat many of health ailments like pimples, itching, simple burn, skin rashes and many other skin problems. It is effective enough to rejuvenate your skin conditions and provide you the glowing and supple skin texture.

  • Uses

Skin care: It has amazing skin care properties which can effectively aid in improving your skin health. Its medicinal properties can treat skin problems like acne, pimples, burn, itching and many others. Due to such qualities, it is widely used for manufacturing skin care products and other cosmetic products.

Aromatherapy: Due to its calming and relaxing effect on mind and body, it is extensively used in the aromatherapy treatments to provide relief from nervous elated problems like stress, annoyance, anxiety, metal fatigue and many others. It is highly effective in healing depression and able to take you out from depressive thought and infuse positive and joyous feeling in you.
Perfume and Tobacco Industry: Its scintillating and astonishing aroma is the reason behind its increasing demand in perfumery and tobacco industry. The base of this attar is used for manufacturing many of different perfumes as well as other products which having associated with fragrance. It is used for flavoring tobacco based products and providing them different aroma.

  • Reviews

Cured my depression
I was so depressed when my boyfriend left me and nothing is changing my situation. Then my sister recommended me to use Hina attar and for my amazement it greatly helped me to overcome my depression.

By Amey★★★★★

Excellent Perfume
I had been in a search for getting the perfect perfume for me. Finally, my search ended at Pure Aroma Oils. Hina Attar proved to be my perfect perfume oil which I was actually in the search of. Now, I always use this attar over my clothes in every party and marriage. People really appreciate me for the aroma which it carries. Another addition of enticing perfume as a crown in my collection.
By David★★★★★

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