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Earth Soil Attar
100% Natural and Pure Earth Soil Attar

Earth Soil Attar

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Earth Soil Attar

Botanical Name:

Attar of Earthern Soil

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Botanical NameAttar of Earthern Soil
Method of ExtractionThe hydro distillation method is used to prepare this attar from the clean soil of Ganga River.
Part Of Plant Used


OriginIt is native to India

 It is very effective in treating various health problems like sore throat, menstrual complications, stress, depression, anxiety and many more. It can effectively elevate skin health and provide natural glow and suppleness to your skin.

Strength & Aromatic scent

 It has very strong, captivating and sweet aroma


 This attar is having light golden shade.

Blends Well With

 It can perfectly blend with sandalwood floral water as well as other attars.


 It is purely non- toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing in nature. There is no precaution required to use this attar.

  • Product Description

 The earth soil attar(perfumery oil) is prepared through the hydro distillation process from the clean mud of river. It is prepared by backing the large quantity of soil in a closed copper vessel and then passing the steam over it. Its aroma is exactly like the scent of earth when it gets the first shower in summer. It is scientifically known as attar of earthen Soil and also locally called as mitti attar. Its captivating aroma can make you to forget every stress, worries and anxiety of the world and enjoy the relaxed and sooth mental state. Due to this property, it is commonly used in the aromatherapy treatment.

This attar(perfumery oil) is also very beneficial for skin problems and many other health ailments. It can revive your skin tone and make it more youthful and glowing along with making it soft and supple. It is also helpful in rejuvenating respiratory system and nervous system. Now days, it is widely used in the production of perfumes, cosmetics and many other useful scented products. 

  • Uses

 Skin Health: This attar has amazing capability to boost the health of your skin. It is effectively used for getting the natural glowing skin as well as it is best for oily skin and help to reduce greasiness of your skin.

Medicinal Uses: Due to its amazing therapeutic properties, this attar can help you to rejuvenate nervous system and treat sore throat. It also boosts the functioning of respiratory system and helps to cure breathing problems. This attar is very beneficial for women because it can effectively ease the menstrual pain.
Aromatherapy: Being intensely fragrant attar with very fascinating and enchanting earthy aroma, it is best used for relieving stress and depression by using the aromatherapy treatment.
Perfume Industry: This attar is used as the natural perfume since ancient times. Now days, it is highly demanding in the perfume industry to make various perfumes based on its fragrance.

  • Reviews

Improved my skin tone
My mom told me to use earth soil attar to improve my dull skin. Since, I started using this attar I experienced amazing improvement in my skin health. Now, my skin becomes more soft and young.

By Kristina★★★★★

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