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Chaulmoogra Essential Oil
100% Natural and Pure Chaulmoogra Essential Oil

Chaulmoogra Essential Oil

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Chaulmoogra Essential Oil

Botanical Name:

Hydnocarpus laurifolia

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Botanical NameHydnocarpus laurifolia
Method of ExtractionSteam Distillation Method.
Part Of Plant Used


OriginSothern Asia.

It has wide applications in medicinal industry. 

Strength & Aromatic scent

Strong Woody Aroma.


Pale Yellow Color Liquid. 

Blends Well With

Lavender, Tea-Tree and Chamomile essential oils.


In the 14th century, chaulmoogra oil was used by Chinese to treat leprosy and skin diseases. In England, it is used in the veterinary practices. 


It is advisable that pregnant women and nursing mothers should seek proper medical consultation from an expert before using this oil. 

  • Product Description

The pale yellowish color chaulmoogra essential oil is derived through an extensive process of steam distillation from the seeds of Chaulmoogra (Hydnocarpus laurifolia). The oil derived from its seeds has been used in Indian and Chinese traditional medicines for the treatment of leprosy. Chaulmoogra plant belongs to the Hydnocarpus family and is found on the large scale in several parts of Southern Asia.  It grows up to the height of 15-20 m and has drooping branches with elongated leaves.  

  • Uses

Skin Care: This oil works effectively in the treatment of various skin problems such as eczema, rheumatism, scrofula and as a counter-irritant for bruises, sprains, etc. Also, it can be applied on open cuts, wounds, sores and ulcers. 


Effectively Cure Leprosy: Since ancient times, this oil has been used as a natural remedy for treating early leprosy stage.  


Sprain: It is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from severe contraction of muscles. 

  • Reviews

Effective against the leprosy problem
Since childhood, I was suffering from the leprosy problem. I visited many doctors and took many medicines but, nothing caused me much relief. I was very depressed till the time I got to know about chaulmoogra essential oil. I ordered it and started using it. Now, I happily say that my leprosy is getting better with every coming day. I heartily thank to this site which rendered this pure and fresh oil to me.

By Agami★★★★★

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