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Pimento Leaf Essential Oil
100% Natural and Pure Pimento Leaf Essential Oil

Pimento Leaf Essential Oil

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Pimento Leaf Essential Oil

Botanical Name:

Pimenta dioica

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Botanical NamePimenta dioica
Method of ExtractionSteam distillation method is used for the extraction of this particular oil.
Part Of Plant Used

It is extracted from the leaves and the fruits of the evergreen tree.

OriginSouth America and West Indies are known as the origin of this oil.

One can apply pimento leaf essential oil in the muscle aches. This oil has a tendency to relax the muscles and relieve the muscles. It is widely used by the aged people to relax their muscles.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It has got a very spicy and warm fragrance.


This oil is yellowish brown in color.

Blends Well With

It mixes very well with lavender, patchouli, orange, ginger and ylang ylang oils.


Initially, people of West Indies and South America used this oil for various purposes but sooner, this oil reached to other parts also.


Pimento leaf essential oil has the propensity to cause irritation in the mucus membranes so; it should be avoided by the pregnant ladies and children. Take a proper advice from the doctor before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Pimento leaf essential oil is extracted from pimenta dioica which belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is actually an indigenous tree which is known to have been originated in West Indies and South America. It reaches to the height of about 10 meters. This oil has got various therapeutic and medicinal properties including that of analgesic, antiseptic, carminative, stimulant, tonic, rubefacient, anesthetic and various other properties.

  • Uses

Antiseptic: - Pimento leaf essential oil is a very good antiseptic. It helps in restricting the wounds from developing septic and leading to tetanus. This oil stimulates the healing process of severe wounds. In many antiseptic lotions and creams also, this oil is used on a wider scale.
Tonic: - This oil is considered to be the best tonic by many people and doctors. Tonics are very helpful in keeping the body free from any toxins. The regular use of this oil can improve the condition of the whole body.
Digestive system: - Pimento leaf essential oil is very helpful for maintaining the proper health of digestive system. People who often suffer from the problem of flatulence, cramps, indigestion and any other related problem can definitely use this oil to get instant relief.
Muscle relaxant: - For the people who get ache in their muscles frequently can use this oil. It will work great in relaxing the muscles and gaining the strength. Old people can make use of this oil on regular basis and get their muscles relaxed.

  • Reviews

Good oil for relaxing muscles
With the growing age, I get pain in my muscles and am not able to work with full stamina. After browsing the internet in a hope to get some effective remedy for this, I came across pimento leaf essential oil. I ordered it from this site and got instant relief.

By Sally★★★★★

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