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Juniper Berry Oil
100% Natural and Pure Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper Berry Oil

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Juniper Berry Oil

Botanical Name:

Juniperus communis

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Botanical NameJuniperus communis
Method of ExtractionSteam distillation method is used to extract this oil.
Part Of Plant Used

It is extracted from the crushed and dried berries of juniper.

OriginIndia is known for the origin of this oil.

Juniper berry oil can be applied to the arthritis pains to get instant relief. Those who are suffering from severe muscle contractions can make use of this oil.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It has got a very fresh and woody smell.


This oil has a watery viscosity.

Blends Well With

It blends well with geranium, cypress and grapefruit oils. 


Juniper berry oil has been in use since the ancient times. In ancient Egyptian tombs, juniper berries were found at a large scale. The Greeks used to use these berries in order to boost up the stamina of the athletes. As far as Romans are concerned, they used to use the juniper berries as a economical domestically produced alternative to black pepper and long pepper which was actually imported from India.


Though this oil is considered as non toxic but, it has the capability to stimulate the uterine muscles. Women who are in the pregnancy phase should completely avoid this use and if they want to use it then a proper medical advice is to be taken before its use.

  • Product Description

Juniper berry oil is extracted from the Juniperus communis using the steam distillation process. A juniper berry is basically a female seed cone which is produced by different species of junipers. This cone has strange kind of merged and fleshy cells which look like berries. In Europe, the cones from particular species are used in the preparation of various cuisines. This oil has number of therapeutic and medicinal uses. It is used for the treatment of rheumatism, blocked pores, gout and even in arthritis.

  • Uses

Anti spasmodic: - Juniper berry oil is very useful in curing the spasms in any body part. Spasms are basically the conditions in which extreme contractions occur in the body parts. The contraction can take place even in digestive, respiratory, nervous or in muscular system too. It has the tendency to cure the cramps which are every painful.
Diuretic: - This oil helps in increasing the frequency of urination. Juniper berry oil proves to be very helpful for those people who are suffering from swelling because of accumulation of water in the body. So, it removes the extra water from the patient’s body and gives instant relief.
Antiseptic: - Juniper berry oil is considered to be every effective to cure wounds. In the previous times, this oil was used to treat the wounds and damages which were done to soldiers in the war. Also, it is used to treat the cuts and wounds which mother had undergone during the childbirth.

  • Reviews

Great anti spasmodic oil
As I am an athlete, I get muscle spasms very often. I was searching for a one stop solution to cure this problem and got to know about juniper berry oil. Now, whenever I get spasm, I apply this oil to affected area and get relief.

By Rickina★★★★★

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