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Ginger Oil
100% Natural and Pure Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil

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Ginger Oil

Botanical Name:

Zingiber Officinalis

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Botanical NameZingiber Officinalis
Method of ExtractionSteam distillation method.
Part Of Plant Used

Rhizomes of the ginger plant.

OriginSouthern China.

This essential oil is broadly used for strengthening digestive system and for relieving sore throat, cough, sinusitis and other-related problems.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The fragrance of this oil is very spicy, warm and intense.


Pale yellow to golden yellow in color.

Blends Well With

Rose, frankincense, bergamot, sandalwood, neroli, and ylang-ylang essential oils.


Native to China, Ginger slowly gained popularity in other parts of Asia, later in West Africa and to the Caribbean. It is also mentioned in ancient medical texts of Sanskrit, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Arabian for its therapeutic properties.


Consult a professional or expert before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Ginger oil is a perennial herb, which is botanically known as Zingiber officinalis and belongs to the Zingiber family. The root of this herb is utilized to derive oil through steam distillation process. The extracted ginger oil is widely used for culinary and medicinal purposes. As it is enriched with properties such as stimulant, sudorific, antispasmodic, stomachic, antiseptic, analgesic and to name a few.

  • Uses

Culinary Uses: Ginger oil is widely used in the preparation of various dishes as it adds an extraordinary flavor to the dishes. It is non-toxic and has got rich fibrous properties that make it quite preferred for various culinary purposes. It is also considered to be an important ingredient in juices, tea and other alcoholic beverages.

Immune System: Ginger oil works great in strengthening the immune system. It has a potency of fighting against water-borne and air-borne diseases.

Medicinal Uses:  It is used to treat bruises, arthritis, rheumatism, hangover, nausea and other problems. Ginger oil is also believed to be useful in the treatment of congestion, catarrh, sinusitis, sore throat, muscular cramps, spasms and stiffness in joints. Even, a number of burners and vaporizers are made using this oil.

  • Reviews

Adds a flavor to the dishes
I use this oil as a secret ingredient in all my recipes. All my family members and relatives appreciate the taste of my food. It’s all because of this ginger oil.

By Micky★★★★★

Good Oil for Muscular Pains
I often use Ginger Oil in case of muscular cramps and stiffness in joints. I must say that I got the best quality of this oil from Pure Aroma Oils. The purpose of using this oil is that I don’t want to use any other remedy that is based on physiotherapy. It had treated my problems in a better way. Thanks to Ginger Oil!!
By Christopher★★★★★

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