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Ginger Grass Oil
100% Natural and Pure Ginger Grass Oil

Ginger Grass Oil

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Ginger Grass Oil

Botanical Name:

Cympopogan martini var sofia

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Botanical NameCympopogan martini var sofia
Method of ExtractionSteam distillation method.
Part Of Plant Used

Grass of ginger plant.


Ginger grass oil is used to treat severe headaches, cough, cold and depression along with sexual problems.

Strength & Aromatic scent

Sharp spicy, woody fragrance with undertones of pepper and lemon.


Its color varies from yellow to light brown.

Blends Well With

This oil mixes well with sandalwood, cedarwood, cananga, rosewood, lemon, clove and geranium essential oils.


The ginger grass oil was first extracted in 18th century.


Must seek medical consultation before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Ginger Grass oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation from the grass of ginger. It is a perennial herb with long slender stems and terminal flowering tops. This oil is known for its woody whiff and therapeutic properties which include antiseptic, analgesic, anti-emetic, stomachic, laxative, and carminative among others. It is also used for easing aching muscles, arthritis, nausea and stress. Also, it is used to make men\'s cologne and in aromatherapy for its warm fragrance.

  • Uses

Aphrodisiac:  Ginger grass oil is considered beneficial in stimulating sexual feelings. It can treat sexual problems such as lack of libido, impotency or frigidity.

Circulatory System:  This oil boosts the circulation of blood to increase the rate of oxygen in the body. Ginger grass oil also helps detoxifying toxins out from the body to prevent problems such as renal calculi, gout, arthritis and other related troubles.

Other Medicinal Uses:  It is capable of unblocking the nasal passage during cold and cough. Ginger grass oil is extremely effective in treating sinusitis and other-related nasal troubles. Further, it supports in lifting up the mood and relieving depression, tension or other feeling of despair. It relaxes mind and body up to a great extent.


  • Reviews

Great oil to cure sexual problems
I was suffering from the problem of lack of libido but when I got to know about ginger grass oil and its positive effects on the body, I ordered it from this site and after its regular use, I realized that this oil actually works very well against the sexual problems.

By Kurty★★★★★

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