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Jasmine absolute
100% Natural and Pure Jasmine absolute

Jasmine absolute

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Jasmine absolute

Botanical Name:

Jasminum Grandiflorum

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Botanical NameJasminum Grandiflorum
Method of ExtractionSolvent extraction.
Part Of Plant Used

Flowers of jasmine. 


Jasmine absolute is widely used in aromatheraphy, perfumery and for treating health distresses like cold & cough. 

Strength & Aromatic scent

Rich floral fragrance with warm undertones.


Reddish brown liquid.

Blends Well With

Jasmine absolute blends with bergamot, grapefruit, rose, sandalwood and other oils.



Since ancient times, Jasmine absolute is being used in perfumery and incense making. 


Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should avoid using this oil. One must take medical advice before using this oil. 

  • Product Description

Jasmine absolute is extracted from the flowers of Jasmine, a climbing shrub through solvent extraction method. The extraction process of this absolute is carried out at low temperatures to yield fragrance similar to that of a delicate jasmine flower. Jasmine absolute is referred to as the ‘King of Oils’ since it is a precious oil and has immensely potent abilities to relieve mental and physical exhaustion. Thus, it is highly demanded in aromatherapy. 

  • Uses

Perfumery: - For its soothing and pleasing floral fragrance, jasmine absolute is widely used in perfumery and in the making of incense sticks.

Aromatherapy: - Aroma therapists extensively use jasmine absolute in different aromatherapy treatments for its calming effects. It effectively relaxes the body & soul.

Aphrodisiac: -Jasmine absolute is widely appreciated for treating sexual problems like lack of libido, frigidity, impotency or other related problems.


Medicinal uses: - This absolute effectively cures headache, skin irritation and menstrual problems. It also cures severe depression, cough and cold. 

  • Reviews

Jasmine absolute cures the sexual problems
I was suffering from the problem of lack of libido and impotency. My uncle suggested me to use jasmine absolute to cure it and I did the same. I ordered this oil from this site and was much relieved.

By Harry★★★★★

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