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Lemon Oil
100% Natural and Pure Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil

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Lemon Oil

Botanical Name:

Citrus limonum

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Botanical NameCitrus limonum
Method of ExtractionCold expression method is used for the extraction of this oil.
Part Of Plant Used

Peels of the fruit are used in order to extract this oil.

OriginThe lemon tree is basically a native to India and later, it was brought to the Europe too.

Lemon oil is applied on hair to get shinier and silkier hair. Even the dull hair can be made lustrous using this oil. Stress can be reduced and obese people can make use of this oil to reduce their weight up to a maximum extent.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The aroma of lemon oil is very sharp but fresh.


Its color is from pale green to yellow. Also, it has got watery viscosity.

Blends Well With

This oil has a tendency to blend very well with juniper, lavender, neroli, fennel, rose, eucalyptus and elemi oils.


The lemon tree is native to the motherland of India. Gradually, it got recognition in many other parts of the world.


Though this oil is non irritant in nature but if you have very sensitive skin then you should take the advice from a medical expert before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Lemon oil is actually extracted from the Citrus limonum which is a member of the family of Rutaceae. The method used for the extraction is cold expression. There are number of benefits of using this oil as it has countless properties including carminative, stimulating, calming, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant, antifungal and sleep inducing. It can also be used to get relief from mental fatigue and there are many other benefits of using this particular oil. It does not have any irritant properties in it but it should still be avoided by the people having highly sensitive skin.

  • Uses

Immune system: - Lemon oil is used to increase the immunity system of the body. Further, it also helps in stimulating the white blood cells and therefore, helps in increasing the ability to fight the diseases. Even the circulation of body is maintained using this oil.
Hair care: - If you wish to have smoother, shinier and silkier hair then you should use this oil. It will even help you in getting rid of the problem of dandruff.
Removes stress: - Lemon oil is used to get instant relief from mental fatigue. Dizziness, anxiety, exhaustion can be removed by using this oil. If you will inhale this oil then it’s sure that your concentration level and alertness will increase.
Weight loss:-Many health experts have proved that lemon oil is very helpful in reducing weight. People suffering from the problem of obesity can make use of this oil up to some extent.
Skin care:-People having oily skin can make use of this oil to maintain the Ph balance. Also, the dry skinned people can utilize this oil to make their skin more lustrous and supple.

  • Reviews

Works great for decreasing dandruff
I was hell lot disappointed with the problem of dandruff but after using this oil, I got instant relief from the dandruff problem. Now, I am no more embarrassed in leaving my long hair untied.

By Nina★★★★★

It Is Good For Losing Weight
Everybody knows that lemon is good for losing weight. Same did the Lemon Oil to me. As I had been searching for an effectively weight loser for myself, this oil had proven to be highly beneficial to me. I could actually lose my lot of weight by sipping a drop or two of Lemon Oil with warm water. I would recommend it to all who don’t want to go through the heavy workouts.
By Elizabeth★★★★★

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