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Mitti Attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth
100% Natural and Pure Mitti Attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

Mitti Attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

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Mitti Attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

Botanical Name:

Earthern Soil

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Botanical NameEarthern Soil
Method of ExtractionHydro-distillation method is used to extract this attar.
Part Of Plant Used

Herbs are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginIndia is known to be the origin of this perfume oil.

Women can make use of this attar oil for getting relief in menstrual pains. It also helps in controlling heavy periods.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The fragrance of this attar is very pleasant and sweet.


The color of mitti attar is pure golden.

Blends Well With

It easily mixes well with sandalwood floral water and with all the other attar oils.


Since years, it has been in use to treat the damaged skin because it makes the skin softer and more touchable.


Mitti attar is actually considered to be non toxic but still, pregnant ladies and small children should avoid this attar. They are advised to seek proper medical advice before making this oil in use.

  • Product Description

Mitti attar or fullers earth is extracted from the herb by the process of Hydro-distillation. This attar oil consists of the essence of clean baked earth and Indian white sandalwood essential oil. It is believed that this perfume oil has got different therapeutic and medicinal properties as it is very helpful in making the skin supple, soft and smooth. Its fragrance if very pleasant due to which it is used at a wider scale in the perfume industry.

  • Uses

A boon for skin: - Mitti attar is considered as a boon for skin. This natural attar works great against oily skin as it helps in getting rid of that extra greasiness and oil which the skin secretes. It will help you in getting a very soft, supple and smooth skin. Regular use of this attar shall show you the instant results.
Perfumery: - This organic attar is known for its heavenly and sweet fragrance due to which it is widely used in the perfume industry. There are many people who prefer using only mitti attar for aroma purposes. It brings a freshness and calmness in the ambience with its exotic scent.
Other medicinal uses: - It helps in rejuvenating the nervous system through its peace giving and calming effects. Women use this attar oil to decrease the severe menstrual pain and it also helps in curing sore throat. To have a relaxing and calming effect on your mind and body, use this attar without keeping any second thoughts.

  • Reviews

Good for curing pain
I was suffering from serious blood pressure problems due to which I used to have severe headache and body ache. This problem weakened my stamina power and I was not able to perform my work in an efficient way. I consulted many of my friend and doctors. I used many medicines but nothing gave me much relief. But then

By Christopher★★★★★

Mitti Attar: A Perfect Fragrant Oil
Among the perfect fragrances which can be worn on the regular basis, I found Mitti Attar for being one of the best perfume oils I have ever used so far. It had a really revitalizing aroma that I would say was more than AWESOME. Now, I particularly use Mitti Attar on the regular basis. Its pleasing aroma keeps the mind calm throughout the day.
By Maria★★★★★

Good Perfumery attar
Mitti Attar has a refreshing and rejuvenating aroma which is good enough to entice anyone. I have been using Mitti Attar for a long time on a regular basis. It has an amazing smell which I was looking for. I ordered it from Pure Aroma Oil. The shipping time was very less and also the packaging date was the latest. Thanks to you for getting me this amazing attar at reasonable price.
By Andrew★★★★

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