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Carrot Seed Oil
100% Natural and Pure Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

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Carrot Seed Oil

Botanical Name:

Daucus Carota

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Botanical NameDaucus Carota
Method of ExtractionThis oil is extracted from the process of steam distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Dried seeds of carrot are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginFrance, England and Europe are known to be the origin of this oil.

This oil is regarded as a very good detoxifier. It helps in detoxifying tissue, muscles, kidneys, liver etc. in a much effective way.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The fragrance of this oil is woody and pungent aroma.


The color of carrot seed oil varies from amber to yellow brown.

Blends Well With

It mixes well with lime, lemon, juniper, geranium, bergamot, cedar wood and all the other spicy & citrus oils.


The name of this oil was derived from Greeks. Not just Greeks but people from all around the world have been using this oil for detoxifying their body.


It is advisable that ladies who are in the phase of pregnancy and infants should completely avoid carrot seed oil. One should seek proper medical guidance before making this oil in use.

  • Product Description

Carrot seed oil is extracted from the dried seeds of the carrot by using the steam distillation method. The shape of the leaves of carrot is oblong and it is an annual herb. The herb is actually 2 feet in height and is furrowed. The presence of carotene and vitamin A has made this oil very beneficial for hair, skin and gums. Also, it has got many medicinal properties which helps in treating various health related problems.

  • Uses

Detoxifier: - Carrot seed oil is considered to be a great detoxifier. It helps in detoxifying tissues, muscles, blood, kidney and liver. It can also treat the liver infection and jaundice conditions up to a great extent. One who is suffering from arthritis pain, rheumatism and edema can use this oil to get instant relief.
Carminative: - If you are fed up of that gas problem and not able to digest properly then make use of this oil and get instant positive effects. Carrot seed oil has a tendency to remove the gas present in the intestines in turn, giving you much relief. After using it, you will very light and relaxed.
Diuretic: - Use of this oil will increase the urination frequency of your body. It is a fact that every time, a person urinates; toxic substances are flushed out of the body. Even our kidneys get clean and washed in a great way. This detoxifies our body and helps in maintaining a good health.

  • Reviews

Carrot seed oil helped me in gas problems
I ordered this oil because I was pissed off of this gas problem. I sometimes used to feel as if I have developed a balloon in my stomach. But, when I started using this oil, I got much relief. Thanks to this site for providing me the pure and fresh carrot seed oil.

By Nancy★★★★★

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