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Olive oil
100% Natural and Pure Olive oil

Olive oil

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Olive oil

Botanical Name:

Olea Europaea

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Botanical NameOlea Europaea
Method of ExtractionCold pressing method is used for the extraction of this particular oil.
Part Of Plant Used

Seeds of the plant are used in order to extract it.

OriginThe plant is basically grown in Asia Minor, Iran Syria and some other specific parts too.

Olive oil can be applied to the nails and cuticles to make them shinier and softer respectively. One can also apply this oil to the skin as it will make the skin supple and soft.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It has a fresh, strong and a food smell.


Its color lies between light golden to rich green. 

Blends Well With

This oil has a tendency to blend with some particular essential oils.


The olive tree is actually native to Mediterranean basin. Neolithic people used to collect the wild olives in the early 8th millennium BC.


If someone is having a ruptured ear drum then that person should avoid the use of olive oil completely. Also, if at all, you are using it for the normal ear then make sure that the oil is at the room temperature.

  • Product Description

The olive oil is obtained from the fruit of Olea europaea which is from the family of Oleaceae. This oil is basically produced by mincing the olives and then obtaining the oil by chemical or mechanical means. This oil has variety of uses including the culinary uses, improving the nails and cuticle, make up remover and has got many other benefits. It is completely anti allergic oil and is safe to use.

  • Uses

Make up remover: - In order to remove your makeup, you can just take 2 to 3 drops of olive oil on a cotton pad and can remove your eye makeup. It will cause any irritation to the delicate eye area as it is skin friendly. Also, it will help in reducing the wrinkles which form near the eye area.
Skin care:-Since this oil contains vitamins K, A and D, it helps in fighting against the free radicals which are formed. Not just his, olive oil works in exfoliating the skin and it help sin removing the dead skin from the face and other parts of the body.
Nails and cuticles:-You can use this oil on your cuticles as it will keep them completely moist and soft. Nails will get a natural shine if you will just apply a few drops of this oil.
Culinary uses: - Olive oil is greatly used as an active ingredient in the preparation of number of dishes of potatoes, rice, vegetables and many others. This oil is regarded best to maintain a healthy heart and body.
Medicinal uses:-This oil has laxative properties which work as a stool softener. It can be kept at the room temperature in order to use it as an ear wax softener and can also be actively used to cure excessive Borborygmus.

  • Reviews

Olive oil is good for the cuticles
I am a housewife and when I used to wash the clothes or the utensils, my nails and cuticles used to become dry. But, this problem remained till the time I started using olive oil. This oil worked great for me as it has made my nails shinier and have moistened my cuticles.

By Natasha★★★★★

The Best Make Up Remover
Unlike every woman, I love to do make up for myself. But when it comes to remove it, ah… that’s annoying. I wanted to remove my make up with something which can be helpful for the skin as well. Then one day, I came to know about the Olive Oil over the internet. It worked wonderfully… Moreover, it also helps me to get a smoother and shinier skin. It was worth spending my money.
By Grace★★★★★

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