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Pine Oil
100% Natural and Pure Pine Oil

Pine Oil

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Pine Oil

Botanical Name:

Pinus pinaster

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Botanical NamePinus pinaster
Method of ExtractionIt is extracted from the method of steam distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

It is extracted from the twigs and buds of the plant.

OriginIt is known that the Native Americans used this oil initially and the place is considered to be the origin of it up to some extent.

Use pine oil to get instant relief from depression, anxiety and stress. It can be applied to the various skin diseases also. 

Strength & Aromatic scent

Pine oil has a very fresh aroma.


It has got watery viscosity.

Blends Well With

It has a tendency to blend well with   lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus, sage and rosemary oils.


It is seen that Native Americans used this oil to treat the problem of scurvy. Later, this oil got its recognition in various other parts of the world and is widely used for various purposes now.


Children and pregnant women should completely avoid this oil. Seek proper medical guidance if you want to use this oil.

  • Product Description

Pine oil is extracted from the buds and twigs of the plant through the process of steam distillation. It is also referred to as forest pine and is used in the treatment of many diseases. It has got the properties that of an antiseptic, aromatic, diuretic, restorative, expectorant, antibacterial and others. It is even used for getting relief in fatigue and mental depression. People from all across the world use this oil for its number of uses and benefits.

  • Uses

Metabolism: - Pine oil is used to increase the metabolism of the body in turn, boosting up the activity levels of the body. It treats intestinal problems and purifies the whole body. Even the food poisoning can be cured using this oil.
Skin care: - Use pine oil to cure skin problems. In fact, the dermatologists have prescribed this oil for the treatment of poor skin, fleas, sores, scabies, itching, psoriasis, pimples and other skin related problems. Your skin will be rejuvenated, revitalized and mesmerized after using this oil.
Stress and depression: - All those people who are suffering from the problem of depression can make use of pine oil. Regular use of this oil can help in getting relief and mental clarity. It reduces nervous tension, stress, tension and other related problems.

  • Reviews

Treats psoriasis well
Since childhood, I was suffering from some or the other skin problem due to which I even went in depression. I tried many medicines and homemade remedies but they did not give me much relief. I searched and browsed internet for a permanent remedy for psoriasis and came across pine oil. I saw its uses and numerous benefits to the skin and decided to order it. I placed an order with this site and started using it. After few days only, I found that my skin problem had decreased up to a much extent.

By Henry★★★★★

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