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Sandalwood Shamama Attar
100% Natural and Pure Sandalwood Shamama Attar

Sandalwood Shamama Attar

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Sandalwood Shamama Attar

Botanical Name:

Santalum Album

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Botanical NameSantalum Album
Method of ExtractionThe pure form of Sandalwood Shamama Attar is derived through the Hydro-distillation method.
Part Of Plant Used

It is obtained from the extracts of sandal wood.

OriginIt is native to India

This magical attar is well known for its everlasting spicy fragrance and widely used in preparation of various perfumes. It is used in aromatherapy treatment due to its amazing body and mind rejuvenating properties.

Strength & Aromatic scent

This natural perfume possesses the spicy and long lasting aroma.

Blends Well With

This attar mix well with sandalwood oil and other attars


It is safe to use but it is always advised for pregnant women to take medical guidance before using this attar. 

  • Product Description

The exotic natural attar of Sandalwood Shamama is extracted through the traditional method of Hydro-distillation process. This Mother Nature pure attar is obtained from the extracts of sandal wood and well known for its wonderful long lasting aroma. It has incredible capability to up lift your mood and help on revitalizing your mind and body. It is used in aroma therapy to get relief from many mind related problems such as exhaustion, stress, mental disturbance and many more. This perfume oil is helpful in eliminating the depression and brings the joy and happiness to your mind. It is also beneficial in solving the skin related problems and make it look more supple and glowing.   

  • Uses

This highly aromatic perfumery oil is very skin friendly and helpful in cutting the various skin aliments like itching, marks, acnes and many more. It plays a significant role in improving your dull skin and makes it look more shiny and beautiful. 


It has lovely long lasting aroma which is highly effective in soothing and calming your mind and body. Therefore it highly demanded by the aroma therapy centre to treat various problems like stress, anxiety, mental  exhaustion and many more. 


Sandalwood shamama attar is specially recommended during the yoga and meditation process. It is also used as base ingredients in the preparation of various perfumes and scents.


  • Reviews

Beneficial for glowing skin
I have very dull skin and I was looking for some natural way to which could sooth my skin then my friend suggest me for Sandalwood Shamama Attar. I brought this attar and used it. This amazing attar really improved my skin tone.

By Nancy★★★★★

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