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Spike lavender oil
100% Natural and Pure Spike lavender oil

Spike lavender oil

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Spike lavender oil

Botanical Name:

Lavendula latifolia

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Botanical NameLavendula latifolia
Method of ExtractionSteam distillation method is used for the extraction of this essential oil.
Part Of Plant Used

Flowering tops are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginThe origin of this organic oil is Spain.

One can apply this oil to get relief from the severe stress and anxiety. The regular use of this oil can bring you relief in the least possible time.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The fragrance is floral and very sweet.


The color of spike lavender oil varies from pale yellow to dark yellow.

Blends Well With

It has a tendency to mix well with citronella, geranium, rosemary, palmarosa, mandarin, lemon, chamomile and other essential oils too.


Since its origin, this essential oil is being used by the people to bust severe stress and depression conditions. 


It has been advised that women who are in the pregnancy phase should avoid using spike lavender oil. Even the children and nursing mothers should also not use this oil. Use it only after seeking the advice of a medical practitioner.

  • Product Description

Spike lavender oil is extracted from the flowering tops of the plant from the method of steam distillation. The chemical composition of this oil includes Lavendulyl acetate, Linalyl acetate, Terpineol, Lavendulol and others. To name a few, the therapeutic properties of this oil are antiseptic, asthmatic, digestive, antispasmodic etc. other than this, this essential oil has gained much importance due to its fragrance.

  • Uses

Respiratory problems: - Spike lavender oil is considered to be great in curing the problems related to the respiratory system. It helps in treating the bronchitis, asthma, cough and other related issues. Even the throat infection can be decreased suing this oil. Use it on the regular basis to get the instant relief.
Stress buster: - If you are suffering from the severe stress then use spike lavender oil. This essential oil has a tendency to calm down the mind and soul in turn, helping in reducing the stress and anxiety conditions. Many people use this oil to reduce the effects of depression on their health.
Skin care: - Not just few, this oil has many uses. It is very helpful in curing the skin problems like acne, insect bites, wounds, stings, burns and other related skin issues. It helps in preventing the degeneration of tissues in the severe wounds. You can use this oil without keeping any second doubts.

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Hub of oils
I call this site as the hub of the essential oils. I have explored this site thoroughly and have realized that they have a great collection of organic oils. I have personally used spike lavender oil for getting relief from stress and I must say it works very efficiently. You can use this oil without keeping any second thoughts in your mind. The delivery of this site is also very quick and up to the mark!!

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