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Walnut Oil
100% Natural and Pure Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil

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Walnut Oil

Botanical Name:

Juglans Regia

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Botanical NameJuglans Regia
Method of ExtractionCold Pressed Extraction Method
Part Of Plant Used

Fruit of Walnut.

OriginCentral Asia

It is widely used for high temperature cooking. Also, it highly demanded in the formulation of anti-aging cream due to its skin care properties.

Strength & Aromatic scent

Warm delicate scent with complex notes of sweetness underneath.


Yellow to Light Yellow color.

Blends Well With

Since, this oil possesses medium viscosity; therefore it blends well with most of the essential oils.


Greeks and Persians were the ones who cultivated walnuts and extracted their oil. From Medieval times up until the end of 18th century, Europeans also extracted walnut oils and used it for embalming their mummies and lighting lamps. Further, in 19th century, France walnut oil was used as a holy oil. Additionally, it has a long history of use in the preparation of artist\'s paints.


Medical consultation is highly recommended before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Native to Central Asia, Walnut is a large, deciduous tree from the family of Juglandaceae. It is widely appreciated for its oil, which is extracted through cold pressed method from its fruit. Walnut oil is rich in omega 3, fatty acids, and minerals and comes with delicate flavor, which makes it highly demanded in cooking. Also, it is packed with powerful emollient properties therefore; it is used as a proprietary ingredient in the formulation of various skin care products. Besides, it works as a potent skin moisturizer and is broadly used in the massage therapy.

  • Uses

Massage: This oil is excellent for body massage as it is enriched with skin moisturizing properties and leaves silky, smooth skin with a refreshing feel. 


Skin Care industry: Walnut oil is highly demanded in the skin care industry to add to different beauty care products such as anti-aging creams, scrubs and hair care products.


It is an excellent oil to add to your body care products, 


Aromatherapy: This oil is well-recognized in aromatherapy circles for being a balancing agent as it used to blend with other oil.


Cooking: It is widely used for culinary purposes as it has delicate flavor and high nutritional value with essential fatty acids & Omega 3. It is used to add flavor to salad dishes, brushed on to cooked dishes and goes well with roast pumpkin, fish, pasta and steamed vegetables.

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