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Calendula Absolute Oil
100% Natural and Pure Calendula Absolute Oil

Calendula Absolute Oil

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Calendula Absolute Oil

Botanical Name:

Calendula Officinalis

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Botanical NameCalendula Officinalis
Method of ExtractionThe method used for its extraction is the Solvent extraction process.
Part Of Plant Used

To extract it, Dried flowers of calendula are utilized.

OriginIt has originated from South Africa.

It is effective in menstrual pain.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It has rich balsamic aroma.


It is a yellow color liquid.

Blends Well With

It blends well with Oakmoss, hyacinth, floral and citrus oils. Further, it also mixes well with Jasmine, Cinnamon and other spices.


Since ancient times, flowers of calendula were used to adorn statues of gods in their temples.


Pregnant woman and nursing mother should seek proper medical advice before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Calendula Absolute Oil is derived from the dried flowers of calendula by the Solvent extraction process. Calendula is known by various names such as Calendula officinalis, pot marigold, Garden Marigold, Gold-Bloom, Holligold, Marigold, Marybud and Zergul. The term "marigold" refers to the Virgin Mary. It is an annual and perennial herbaceous plant belongs to the family Asteraceae. Calendula is a contemporary Latin diminutive of calendae, meaning "little clock", "little calendar" or possibly "little weather-glass". Chemical constituents of this absolute oil are carotenoids, triterpenes, pentacyclic alcohols loke faradol, anidiol, calenduladiol, clycosides, plant acids and a variety of alcoholic compounds.

  • Uses

It is effective in treating various skin troubles such as rough skin, nappy rash, grazes, cracked nipples, varicose veins and inflammations. It is also used in the production of cosmetic products such as creams, gels, ointments, talcum powders and many others.


This absolute oil is highly effective in healing menstrual cramps.


It is used for treating sore throat, mouth cancer and stomach and duodenal ulcers.


Due to its highly refreshing and floral aroma, it is widely used in the aromatic industry for the production of aromatic products such as scents, perfumes, incense sticks and many others. 


It is also effective in treating minor cuts and abrasions.


It provides great comfort from chapped lips and diaper rash. 

It also acts as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent.


  • Reviews

Heal my skin ailments
I was sad because of my never going skin problems when one of my brother’s friends suggested me to use Calendula Absolute Oil. This oil really works.

By Helena★★★★★

Great oil for menstrual pains
From a long time I am suffering from severe menstrual cramps. Then my friend suggested me to use Calendula Absolute Oil. Now, I am no more afraid of menstrual pains.
By William★★★★★

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