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Broom / Genet Absolute Oil
100% Natural and Pure Broom / Genet Absolute Oil

Broom / Genet Absolute Oil

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Broom / Genet Absolute Oil

Botanical Name:

Spartium Junceum.

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Botanical NameSpartium Junceum.
Method of ExtractionSolvent extraction process.
Part Of Plant Used


OriginSouth of Italy.

It is extensively used in perfume and cosmetic industry.

Strength & Aromatic scent

Sweet, floral, hay like aroma with an delicate fruit undertone.


Golden brown to dark brown liquid.

Blends Well With

It blends well with Acorn acetate, allyl phenyl acetate, allyl phenoxyacetate, amber decatriene.


This shrub is native to Mediterranean region and was first introduced to California as an ornamental plant.


It is advisable that pregnant women and nursing mothers must seek proper medical consultation from an expert prior using this oil.

  • Product Description

Our premium-grade Broom/Genet Absolute Oil is a dark brown semi-solid liquid which is derived through an extensive solvent extraction process from the flowers of perennial broom plant (Spartium Junceum) that belongs to the Fabaceae family. Spartium junceum is a species of flowering plant, native to the Mediterranean in southern Europe and northwest Africa. It is commonly known as Spanish broom or weaver's broom and is generally found on the dry, sandy soils. The absolute extracted from these flowers is used to cure ardiotonic, diuretic, hypertens. In addition, it is widely used for its fragrance in beauty and skin-care products.

  • Uses

Flavoring Agent: Over years, broom genet absolute is being as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages.
Aromatherapy: It is highly beneficial in the treatment of stress, mental fatigue, depression, annoyance, anxiety, exhaustion and nervous afflictions. Moreover, it is helpful in eliminating negative thoughts, sadness, loneliness and invokes a feeling of joy and bliss.

Diuretic: This absolute is highly beneficial in flushing out toxic substances from the body by promoting good urinary health.

  • Reviews

Cure my mental fatigue
I was suffering from mental fatigue due to poor performance in my exam when one of my friends suggested me to use Broom / Genet Absolute Oil. After using it for about 10 days, my mental fatigue has disappeared completely.

By Chidwick★★★★★

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