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Henna Attar
100% Natural and Pure Henna Attar

Henna Attar

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Henna Attar

Botanical Name:

Lawsonia Inermis

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Botanical NameLawsonia Inermis
Method of ExtractionThis attar is extracted from the fresh Heena flowers by using the hydro distillation method.
Part Of Plant Used

 Extraction of this henna attar requires fresh Heena flowers.

OriginIt is solely found in India.

This attar is widely used for aromatherapy treatment due to its very appealing fragrance. It has amazing property to improve the skin health and make it young and supple. It is also used for religious purposes.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It possesses warm, lovely and refreshing fragrance.


It is having light yellow color.


Blends Well With

The Amber, Hina zafrani and Indian sandalwood essential oils blend well with this attar.


Pregnant women and nursing mother should avoid using this attar without having medical guidance.

  • Product Description

The henna attar is prepared through the hydro distillation extraction process from the fresh hina flowers. It is completely natural and having all its natural essence intact as the method used for extraction is purely organic. It is scientifically known as Lawsonia Inermis and grown in Indian soil. This plant comes from the Lythraceae family and can attain the maximum height of 24 feet. Prepared in the base of sandalwood oil, this attar has blending aroma of sandalwood oil and hina flower oil. It has highly fascinating and attractive aroma that can penetrate in your mind making it relaxed and calm.

The prime constituents of this perfume oil comprises of essential oils of sandalwood and hina flower. The benefit of henna attar is not just limited to the amazing fragrance but it also has medicinal benefits too. It can effectively nourish your skin and also heal many of its ailments. Form aromatherapy to perfumery, this attar has its own value and benefits. Its aroma can provide intoxicating, meditative and refreshing mind and body.

  • Uses

Aromatherapy: Due to its appealing scent, it is highly used as a stress buster in aromatherapy treatments. The nervous problems like anger, anxiety, annoyance, restlessness, nervous breakdown and others can be cured effectively by using this attar. It exerts very soothing and calming effect on mind and rejuvenates and energizes it.

Perfume Industry: Perfumery is what makes the best use of this attar. In the manufacturing of various perfumes, it is used as a base ingredient to get the distinct floral aroma. Along with the perfumes, it is also used for flavoring various tobacco products.  
Cosmetic products: Plenty of different cosmetic products carry this attar as their vital ingredient due to its medicinal properties which can heal various skin problems. Skin problems like scars, itching, burns, acne can be treated effectively by using this attar.

  • Reviews

Awesome perfume
Since very long, I am using Henna attar for wearing its perfume. Its aroma is so refreshing and sensuous that it makes my day whenever I use it.

By Camellia ★★★★★

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