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White Lotus Absolute Oil
100% Natural and Pure White Lotus Absolute Oil

White Lotus Absolute Oil

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White Lotus Absolute Oil

Botanical Name:

Nelumbo Nucifera

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Botanical NameNelumbo Nucifera
Method of ExtractionThis absolute oil is extracted through the solvent extraction method.
Part Of Plant Used

It is obtained from the wild flower.

Origin The origin of this oil is Tamil Nadu in India.

The floral absolute oil is used for treating the various nervous aliments such stress, anxiety, depression etc.


Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having a very pleasant floral aroma.


It is an oily viscous liquid of brown red color.

Blends Well With

You can easily blend it with all the floral oils.


In India the lotus flower is considered as a sacred flower. It takes its own importance in Hinduism & Buddhism religions and denotes the symbol of mental purity and enlightenment.


The pregnant women and children should avoid using this absolute oil without the guidance of experts. 

  • Product Description

White lotus is an aquatic plant which is used to extract white lotus absolute oil through solvent extraction method.  This beautiful flower is mainly found in the muddy ponds and stagnant water. It denotes the symbol of awakening.  It can grow up to the height of 25 cm tall and produces the beautiful flowers which blooms everyday with the pre morning sun. This floral oil has soothing and calming effect due to which it is widely used in the aromatherapy treatments.  This plant is also famous by the common name of safed kamal and lotus. 


  • Uses

This floral absolute is enriched with the soothing and relaxing properties therefore it is extensively used in Massages, bath etc to treat various ailments.  It is capable of eradicating the negative thoughts of your mind which is the major reason of mental exhaustion and stress. It provides the calming effects to your mind and revitalizes your body to live a healthy lifestyle.

The white lotus absolute has its own clarity and smoothness. It is used for the meditation purposes due to its powerful aroma which directly affects your crown chakra and helps in concentrating your mind to provide the feeling of tranquility and spirituality. 
Due to its pleasing floral whiff, this floral absolute is extensively used in the preparation of myriad variety of perfumes, scents and aromatic products. 

  • Reviews

Amazing fragrance
I was looking for a pleasing aroma which I can worn every day when I came to know about this oil after doing lots of research on internet. I instantly ordered it from this site and I must say it has really a soothing and calming fragrance.

By Mike★★★★★

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