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Amber Ood Arabian Attar
100% Natural and Pure Amber Ood Arabian Attar

Amber Ood Arabian Attar

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Amber Ood Arabian Attar

Botanical Name:

Pinus Succinifera

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Botanical NamePinus Succinifera
Method of ExtractionHydro-Distillation method is used to extract this attar from the resins or agarwood of Aquilaria tree.
Part Of Plant Used

 Resins of Aquilaria tree fossils.

OriginIt is native to Southeast Asian region.

This attar is widely used for perfumery purposes and aromatherapy treatments. Since ancient era, this attar is extensively used as an exotic perfume by emperors and princes.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having delicate aroma.



It is of light color.

Blends Well With

It blends well with jojoba oil, natural patchouli, ether, alcohol and chloroform.


Women in pregnancy phase should avoid using this attar.

  • Product Description

Amber Ood Arabian attar is prepared from the resins of fossilized aquilaria tree through the hydro-Distillation extraction process. It is absolutely organic and having no alcohol in this perfume oil. It has originated from India and obtained through very complex method. It is also known as agarwood, Ood, eaglewood and amber perfume oil.

This attar is having special ingredients like Ood and amber essential oils which are highly useful in enhancing health and beauty of skin. It is widely used as an exclusive perfume and its subtle fragrance is suitable for any occasions. Its warm and refreshing property can invoke the feeling of joy and happiness within you and make you relax and cool.

  • Uses

Perfumery: In ancient Mughal era, this attar was widely used for the fragrance. Mughal princes are very fond of this perfume oil due to its exotic fragrance. Now days, it is used for making exclusive perfumes which are of very high quality and expensive too.

Aromatherapy: Due to its refreshing and ecstatic scent, it is really effective in treating various ailments related to mind. It can refresh and revive your mind from the exhaustion and fill it with deep sense of relaxing.
Skin care: It has strong skin care properties which make it very beneficial for improving skin texture and getting natural glow. It can make your skin soft and supple. Due to these qualities, it is also used in various cosmetic products and skin care products as an important ingredient.

  • Reviews

Improved my skin
I used to work outdoor and due to this my skin had become very dry and dull but since, I used this attar to improve my skin texture, it helped my skin health amazingly. Now, I don’t get problem when I go for outdoor work.

By Advina ★★★★★

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