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Cashew nut oil
100% Natural and Pure Cashew nut oil

Cashew nut oil

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Cashew nut oil

Botanical Name:

Anacardium Occidentale

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Botanical NameAnacardium Occidentale
Method of ExtractionFor its extraction, cold pressing method is made in use.
Part Of Plant Used

Nuts are used for its extraction process.

OriginNortheastern Brazil is the native of this oil.

Cashew nut oil should be used with complete caution. Researchers have proved that it can be applied to ringworms, cancerous ulcers, elephantiasis, warts, corns etc. it is even used in the beauty arena in order to remove the skin of the face and grow a new one. Also, the caustic oil which is usually found in the layers of this fruit helps in keeping away the white ants so; it is many times rubbed into the floors of houses in India.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It does not have a strong smell but has a mild one.


This oil is pale yellow to dark yellow in color.

Blends Well With

Cashew nut oil does not blend well with all the oils but has a propensity to blend with a few.


In 16th century, the trees of cashew were actually discovered by the Portuguese. Also, the Tupi Indians call it ‘Acaju’. Later, it was introduced to the parts of the colonies of Asia and Africa.


This oil is considered to be toxic in nature so, it’s better to use cashew nut oil after seeking a proper medical advice.

  • Product Description

Cashew nut oil is extracted from the nuts through the method of cold pressing. The trees of cashew are basically cultivated for its fruit which consists of fresh ‘cashew apple’ or ‘false fruit’ and a nut having a hard shell. The cashew apple is believed to have very sweet, juicy and delicate fragrance. Also, it is rich in vitamin C so, it is helpful in maintaining good health. Cashew nut oil has also got culinary uses and medicinal uses in our day to day life.

  • Uses

Culinary uses:-If we nutritionally see this oil, it has high content of oleic acid which makes it a rich source of energy and helps greatly in stimulating our immune system. Also, it contains the trace elements such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium which keep the muscular and nervous system absolutely healthy. Many housewives use cashew nut oil as one of the main ingredients in the preparation of various dishes.
Cosmetic uses:-Since this oil contains vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, it is used in the manufacturing of different types of cosmetics. Vitamin E prevents the aging of the skin while unsaturated fatty acids maintain moisture and suppleness of the sin.
Medicinal uses: - Cashew nut oil is used to fight dental cavities up to a great extent. Though, it is believed to be toxic in nature but the researches have shown its effective uses in the field of medicine.
Manufacturing purposes:-This oil is made in use when it comes to the manufacturing of card phenol or cashew phenol, paints, varnishes, CNSL resin etc.

  • Reviews

Cures dental cavities
Cashew nut oil is best for fighting against the dental cavities. When I developed dental cavities, I was very worried but my aunt asked me to use this oil. I must say that this oil is very effective.

By Renee★★★★★

Suffering From Skin Problems? Try This
Cashew Nut Oil – The most amazing oil I have used so far. As I have given it a shot that’s why I can definitely say that it works wonderfully on skin. This essential oil contains vitamin E owing to which it has a great ability to fight with almost all types of skin related problems. It is highly beneficial for the people who want a soft and smooth skin texture.
By Alice★★★★★

Great For Skin!
As everybody knows that Cashew Nut Oil is very famous for treating skin problems most effectively, I started using this oil for past few months and saw amazing results in very less time. It is good for all types of skin and tackles every type of skin problems very easily. Highly recommended!!
By Hannah★★★★★

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