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Indian Kadamb Attar
100% Natural and Pure Indian Kadamb Attar

Indian Kadamb Attar

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Indian Kadamb Attar

Botanical Name:

Anthocephalus Cadamba

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Botanical NameAnthocephalus Cadamba
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-distillation process is used to extract this attar.
Part Of Plant Used

The flowers of Kadam plant is used for extraction.

OriginIt is native to India.

This attar can effectively treat many of the health ailments related to your nervous 

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having rich, lovely, deep, floral aroma.


The color of this perfume oil is light yellow.

Blends Well With

It blends well with sandalwood floral water and attar.


It is advised that pregnant women should consult an expert before using this essential oil.

  • Product Description

The highly popular and uniquely fragrant Indian Kadam Attar which is offered by us is obtained organically by using the traditional extraction method, Hydro-distillation, from the fresh flowers of Kadamb tree. This tree is native to India and possesses ancient value with lots of medicinal properties. The perfume oil is derived from this tree is highly fragrant and carries properties that makes it very soothing and calming to mind. It has very effective quality to lift up your mind and take you out from the severe depression and stressed conditions. That’s why its enchanting fragrance is widely used in the aromatherapy treatment to alleviate mental illness. The perfume industry also finds this attar useful to generate exotic and alluring perfumes. Furthermore, incense and cosmetic making industries also use this perfume oil to make fragrant products.

  • Uses

Perfume Industry: Due to captivating and romantic fragrance, this perfume oil is widely used in the perfume making industry as base or fixative in the production of exclusive perfumes.

Incense Making: With having religious values along with captivating aroma, it is also used in the making of incense sticks as well as other fragrant products.
Meditation: Its fragrance has ability to make ambiance around it which can help you to go in meditation. It can effectively relax and calm your mind and remove all the disturbing thought and let you concentrate over one thing.
Aromatherapy: In this treatment, the kadamb fragrant oil helps a lot to reduce the problems regarding nervous system like anxiety, nervous fatigue, mental dullness, stress and many more.

  • Reviews

Helped me in Meditation
After having advised by a friend, I used this attar to enhance the spiritual environment whenever I want to meditate and to be honest it really helped me to achieve my meditation goal effectively.

By Elena★★★★★

Great Oil for Aromatherapy
Being an aromatherapist, I found Indian Kadamb Attar to be helpful in aromatherapy treatments. The fascinating fragrance of this attar provides a very refreshing feeling to the persons and lifts up their mood which is also helpful in relieving stress and tension from the mind. Highly recommended even for non-professionals!!
By Anna★★★★★

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