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Misk Gazala Attar
100% Natural and Pure Misk Gazala Attar

Misk Gazala Attar

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Misk Gazala Attar

Botanical Name:

Musk Amber

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Botanical NameMusk Amber
Method of ExtractionThe Hydro-distillation method is used for extracting this attar.
Part Of Plant Used

The flowers of Musk amber is used for extraction.

OriginIt has originated from India.

This attar is applicable in the perfume industry as well as for aromatherapy treatment due to having very sensuous and energizing aroma. With having an aphrodisiac nature, it is also used for enhancing sexual desire and stamina.

Strength & Aromatic scent

It is having delicate, musky and earthy aroma.

Blends Well With

It blends well with sandalwood essential oil.


Its use should be avoided by lady in pregnancy phase.

  • Product Description

The enchanting Misk Gazala perfume oil is known for having very sensuous and intense fragrance which is widely used for fragrance purposes. The perfume oil we offer is of top notch quality and absolutely pure which is extracted from the flower absolutes of Musk Amber by using the Hydro-distillation method. When blended well with sandalwood oil, it releases amazing fragrance which can instigate your mind and senses. It has originated in Indian region and made available worldwide for the people to avail its excellent health benefits. It can effectively strengthen the bonding between couples by improving their sexual relation with its strong aphrodisiac properties. It has also calming and soothing effect that’s why brings peace to mind with aromatherapy techniques. Perfume industry uses it to produce exotically aromatic perfumes.

  • Uses

Aphrodisiac: This fragrant oil carries potent aphrodisiac properties which makes it highly useful in curing sexual health troubles. It can effectively enhance the sexual ability and desire thus used to treat loss of sexual desire, temporary impotency, decreasing libido and others.

Perfumery: Due to highly sensuous, enchanting and refreshing fragrance, this attar is broadly used to manufacture exclusive perfumes which can evoke your senses. Perfume based products required it as a fragrant agent to provide scent in the products.
Moreover, it is also useful in enhancing mood and de-stress your mind with its soothing and calming properties. Using it with aromatherapy techniques provide the immense effect to relax your mind. 

  • Reviews

Enhanced my sex life
Misk Gazala attar has wheeled my married life which was on the verge of its end. With its amazing property to enhance sexual desire, it has provided warmth in our relationship.

By Johnson★★★★★

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