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Niaouli Essential Oil
100% Natural and Pure Niaouli Essential Oil

Niaouli Essential Oil

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Niaouli Essential Oil

Botanical Name:

Melaleuca viridiflora

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Botanical NameMelaleuca viridiflora
Method of ExtractionIt is extracted by the process known as steam distillation.
Part Of Plant Used

Twigs and the leaves of the tree are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginIts tree actually originated in French pacific islands, Australia and New Caledonia.

One can use this oil in order to get rid from the severe pains caused due to rheumatism.

Strength & Aromatic scent

The aroma of this oil is very fresh and rejuvenating.


The color of Niaouli essential oil varies from colorless to pale yellow-green.

Blends Well With

This oil blends very well with fennel, coriander, lime, peppermint oils etc.


Since the ancient times, this oil has been in use to treat the rheumatism. It is also used as an antiseptic to prevent the formation of septic on the wounds.


Although, it is non toxic but still, pregnant ladies and children should completely avoid it. it is advised for everyone to seek proper medical guidance before making Niaouli essential oil in use.

  • Product Description

Niaouli essential oil is extracted from the plant by the process of steam distillation. The different medicinal and therapeutic properties of this oil consist of stimulant, vermifuge, insecticide, expectorant to name just a few. This oil has got its recognition because it helps in treating the problems like sinus, burns, catarrh, ulcers, acne and many others. One can use this oil without keeping any second thoughts in the mind.

  • Uses

Anti rheumatics: - You can use Niaouli essential oil to get instant effect from the severe pain caused due to rheumatism. It helps in stimulating the rate at which the blood circulates in the body in turn, helping in bringing the warmth to the human body. You can get instant positive results of in your joints pain through the use of this oil.
Analgesic: - If a person is suffering from migraine, earache or headache problem then this Niaouli essential oil can be made in use. It has a tendency to bring relief in the pain with its analgesic properties. It actually desensitizes the affected area and cause numbness to it.
Antiseptic: - It can help you in improving the conditions of your wound by preventing the septic to develop on it. Septic can all the more worsen the wound so; this oil renders great help in curing the severe wounds. Infections can be caused in any part of the body but, this oil works best against it.

  • Reviews

Niaouli essential oil is good
This oil is good to cure the pains caused due to the problem of rheumatism. I ordered this oil and was very happy to use it. The delivery time of this time is great as it rendered my product within 4 days only. Even the quality is superb. Ts completely organic, fresh and till date, has not given me any side effects.

By Lorraine★★★★★

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