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Tomato seed oil
100% Natural and Pure Tomato seed oil

Tomato seed oil

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Tomato seed oil

Botanical Name:

Solanum lycopersicum.

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Botanical NameSolanum lycopersicum.
Method of ExtractionCold Pressed Method.
Part Of Plant Used

Seeds of Tomato.

OriginWestern South America & Central America.

It is broadly used in the cosmeceutical formulations. And, it is also known as a good source of edible oil.

Strength & Aromatic scent

Slightly Spicy and Tangy Aroma.


Deep orange hue with a tinge of brown.

Blends Well With

It blends well with most of the essential oils. 


It was cultivated by Aztecs and Incas. Slowly, it found its way across the Spain, Italy, Britain, North America and other parts of the world.


One must seek proper medical consultation before using this oil.

  • Product Description

Cold pressed tomato seed oil is rich in antioxidant properties, polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols and dissolved minerals with vitamin E. Also, it has a light viscosity and gets absorbed into the skin in no time. Therefore, it is capable of protecting skin against oxidative stress, which makes it an essential ingredient in the formulation of skin care products. Also, it is used in the formulation of lip balms, massage oils and hair serums. This oil comes with a long shelf life and good stability.

  • Uses

Cooking: This stable oil is enriched with high nutritive benefits of tomato; thus it is suitable as edible oil.
Cosmetic Industry: Tomato seed oil is highly penetrating oil and is enriched with anti-oxidant properties. It is used in the complex formulation of anti-aging creams, hair products, shaving products, sun care preparations and many other skin care products.


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